Smithereens by Joji, don't get me wrong, is a lovely album. However, I feel like it lacks the catchiness that many of the songs on Nectar had. In my opinion Feeling Like The End, and Yukon (Interlude) are the ear worms of the album.

It's overall your standard, somber Joji affair, just nothing feels like it sticks quite like say Sanctuary or Gimme Love. Definitely do recommend it, despite these minor issues.

I wholeheartedly believe Joji is one of the greats of the decade.

Been spending the past few days listening to the music releases I missed out on

Övergivenheten so far, is looking to be one of Soilwork's best albums. Leans more in to their melodic side, straying a bit from aggression. I really like the direction.

Love, as expected, is an excellent showing for Alicks. Definitely prefer it over The Reaper. Usual somber notes, the emphasis on acoustic guitar is very nice.

Will probably list thoughts on other stuff in soon, hard to keep it so brief.

I think my favorite use of emoji responses on Slack/Discord/etc is when someone just latches onto a particular word in a message and attaches its emoji, with no semantic content intended. E.g. someone'll say "Sorry, the bus is running late" and someone else will just slap a 🚌 on there to confirm that they did indeed notice and recognize the word "bus"

My first, temporary move is complete. Unfortunately, I wound up with covid. While I have a home, I am certainly not down with this sickness.

You know for someone who parades around as a bear, I have very little tolerance for the cold. -6F/-21C, but it "feels like" -30F/-34C.

It's so cold damp things instantly start freezing to metal. Send help. I didn't sign up for a vacation in Namalsk.

Sadly, despite my introduction, I am probably going to be absent until February. I'm in the middle of a move, yes during the holiday season, due to things out of my control. But, hopefully, as of February I should be active across all platforms.

I have plans to do a lot of work on my Neocities page, and hopefully I can actually get some proper work on my game done.🐻​

So, hi. I'm awkward. So as a blunt introduction, I'm a trans gal and on the autism spectrum. But, that's on my profile.

I do a lot of things from graphic design, to Youtube, to dabbling in coding (Ruby.) I'm kind of making a game right now, and kind of doing just a lot of things at once.

Either way, howdy.🐻​

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