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Computer fairies is aimed to be a safe space for SJWs, furries and queer people alike. If that bothers you, you will not be welcome in our instance or federating with it and are welcome to block us and/or find another instance.

Code of conduct:

The following are absolutely not permitted:
  • Any form of harassment, hate speech or discrimination
  • Untagged nudity or explicit sexual content in public timelines
  • Any sort of otherwise illegal content with respect to the Americas and most of the Western laws
We reserve the right to remove anyone from this instance at our discretion, after fair warning depending on the case, and to uphold these guidelines with suspensions to users and instances who wish not to follow them. We wish to maintain the safety of our users, and those around us. You have all the right to disagree with us, just as we have all the right to not allow you in our community. There are plenty of other Mastodon communities, you are not forced to interact with us.

Hosting costs

Computer Fairies' hosting is paid for by the generous donations of our users. If you'd like to contribute to Computer Fairies, check out our Patreon and if you'd like to get some merchandise to show your support, we have stickers and more in our Redbubble shop!

Why was my instance blocked?

We block instances whose admins allow the sort of behaviour we do not wish to see in Computer Fairies. Offensive behaviour is not welcome here, and as such, instances must be blocked so that it does not federate through our community. If you must discuss any of our blocks, you are welcome to do so through our business email address listed above.