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sona art thread:

ref sheet by the amazing zwiebelprinz on birdsite! i love how it turned out :3

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hi, i'm claire! i'm a trans lesbian catgirl witch from the east coast usa

my main interests are computers & technology as well as retro video games, though I'm also a fan of many other things

feel free to meow at me or message me here or on other platforms (see bio), and don't be afraid to send a follow request

also part of a median system with 2 other facets (see reply below)

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set up a new account, will probably start using that as our main since we already started transferring our follows over

will still have this one up as a backup but feel free to follow that one if you want to see more of our posts ^^

Begpost, Please Boost 

hey everyone, we are working on getting on our feet now that we are in OR. My husband starts his job tomorrow and i'm on the hunt for one still

we need $100 to pay for our storage unit, due on the 1st

any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!


cashapp: $ItsSailor

venmo: ItsSailor

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

Furry is when you’re your own therapy animal

Some people made a retro game emulator hub for VR with a fully customizable room with CRTs, old consoles, posters, TVs playing Toonami, and a door your friends can walk in through to play N64 with you.

fuck. fuck fuck fuuuuuck. the nostalgia hurts! a lot!

twitch casual stream 

playing some saturn games today! first christmas nights, then bulk slash!

i think it would be cool if facial hair only grew with consent

the feminine urge to land a small spaceship inside a big spaceship

forget "day" and "night" themes, every site should have a dark theme and a light pink theme

fun fact: the staff is made of pure magic and only used to amplify her power (and look stylish). up close, she prefers to use her claws

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What do you send?

Not gonna name names but I think some of yall are animal people

Seeing other trans people being happy beings me unimaginable joy and strength

Sweet project manager, I cannot code - slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.

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