Outside Sweet Wednesdays taking a breather. A great place to socialise with people.

Feeling horny tonight. It seems so long since I had a man of my own. Dreaming of a hard cock in my hand. There, I've said it. Feeling desperate. Where do I go to find a mature and caring man?

This seems like good news for people living in Scotland. Hoping the rest of the UK will follow: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-sco

Still trying to work out what kind of video attachment they accept at computerfairi.es/
They keep rejecting the sort that I try to upload. ".avi"

This is what 5 years of did to me. I now have to hold my chest when I run downstairs. Love my . Love the way these things attract men.

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I hope everybody on here isn't going to turn out to be a cartoon?

Feeling great to present on a new forum as Dominique. Dominique with , , , , and 🙂

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