I went to Pax East this past Saturday. I had a wonderful time! One of the many highlights of my day was getting a high-five from Rocco Botte of Mega64! So many fun things happened and I can't wait to talk about it on this upcoming Wednesday's stream! www.twitch.tv/ggpuck I hope I see you there!

Took a week off streaming this past week. There were a lot of birthdays to celebrate and I just needed a break. This upcoming week is going to be a short one though. I'm going to Pax East next Saturday and I don't know if I'll have time or energy to stream that night. Also because I have to get up at a decent hour Saturday, Friday night's stream might be a touch short.

I streamed about 8 1/2 hours this week. Not a lot happened extra streamwise, but I did announce I will be at the conventions PAX East and Yeticon!! I hope I see people there!

I had a good week of streaming. Community night went especially well this week. A lot of people showed up, some people I was expecting, some surprises, good surprises! We also got a lot done for our project in the game. I also got a nice raid from my roommate's sibling!

I only streamed just shy of five hours this week. I took Friday night off to go clubbing and celebrate valentine's day. I had a great time! For Saturday night's stream I had some more Tomb Raider facts. My favorite fact was that we are celebrating Lara Croft's birthday! Apparently her official birthday was in February of 1992, making her 31 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARA!

I streamed almost eight hours this week. Got a couple subs, got raided. Most importantly tho I had a lot of fun. Especially tonight's stream where my husband and I basically did a Tomb Raider themed podcast while we played the new Tomb Raider DLC for Power wash Simulator.

So I got covid. Slowed be down a touch. I streamed last night for about four hours. It went really well. It was a collab stream with my good friend and fellow pirate Nesade ( twitch.tv/nesade ). I think I'd like to do more collabs this year. Tonight we've decided to take a break and are watching Tiffany ( twitch.tv/tiffanywitcher ). They are doing their first charity stream of the year. I'm always so proud of them.

Oh! I forgot to mention! I ordered some business cards to give out at conventions and stuff! I'm nervous about it for some reason. I hope they come out all right.

I streamed for eight and a half hours. I was sooo close to ten hours! I had a really really good time tho. Tier lists are really fun to do and I think I may do more in the future. Now tomorrow I need to do a lot of cuts of my vod. I look forward to sharing some of them with certain friends of mine. Heh heh heh.

5 hours and 26 minutes this week. Got a couple good raids. good chatting. overall good time. I'm also getting really close to 300 followers! I hope my Subathon next Saturday goes well.

I streamed for about six hours this week. I got a couple of subs and some bits. Had a lot of interactions in tonight's stream. A lot of people stopped by which I was not expecting. Overall it was good!

Streamed about seven hours this week. My channel got raided three different times. I got some subs and some bits. All and all a pretty good week. I'm really enjoying playing Valheim again. One thing that sucks tho is I've been getting some lag spikes and I'm not sure why.

The Pirate Haus has sprung a leak. My laundry room is leaking and my poor husband spent hours today mopping up water. This means I couldn't do my laundry today. I'm going to have to do my laundry at my mothers, which means I'm going to do my behind-the-scenes streams stuff (vods, schedule, etc) on my laptop. Weeee!

I streamed about six hours this week. I'm trying to get to the point where I stream at least ten hours a week. I was trying to do a split-stream thing where I stream for a couple hours during the day Saturday, take a break, then stream again later that night. Problem is social real-life things keep happening on Saturdays.

I got my Twitch check and a free lunch at my other other job, so yay!

I got home so late tonight. I barely get any chance to unwind.

Worked on "behind the scenes" stream stuff, got some messages I needed to send sent, mad a doctor appointment I've been putting off, ran errands, played Pokemon Go, and had a tasty dinner. Productive day is productive!

Today we worked on Xmas/holiday cards, listened to seasonally appropriate music, and watched the snow hit the ground. Lovely time overall

I had a good stream tonight. I checked my stats after. I have an average of 4.4 views which may not seem a lot but if you know that having an average of like 6 views or more puts you in the top like 10% of streamers on Twitch, I think its pretty good. Also I have 11 subs which is one more than my current goal, so I'm happy.

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