I had a good week of streaming. This next week's going to be short.

I went to a LARP which was wonderful, but completely through off my streaming schedule. This upcoming week I'll get things more together. Now that I know/remember that LARPing throws me off so hard, I'll be more prepared in the future.

I had a good week of streaming. One of the highlights was beating Powerwash Simulator's career mode on stream. I'm not done with that game yet tho, there's still DLC I haven't done and I want to do some achievement hunting in that game at some point. We also had a nice community night. Next community night will be Palworld!

SO life keeps getting in the way of streaming. I cancelled stream Friday night because I was overwhelmed with all the bad things going on in the world and to my friends. This upcoming week I have a dentist appointment.

I haven't updated in a while. I'm currently trying to raise $200 during my journey to become a fulltime streamer. I'm most of the way there, I've raised a little of $150 so far. I'm not going to be streaming as much this upcoming week, I have things that need doing and places that need going to. If anyone has a spare Prime sub, I could use it.

This is the week! I will do it! I will do the stuffs and things! www.twitch.tv/ggpuck

So I am at my In-laws. A snowstorm hit the area where I live and my town lost power. I haven't had power all day and it's not coming back until at least 2pm tomorrow. I am upset because I was going to work on behind the scenes things for my stream. This is the week I was supposed to start streaming fulltime. Oh wells.

Things happened in my life that have lead me to decide to try my hand at streaming full-time for a few months. Basically I came to the conclusion that life is too short to not just go for it. Also I am very fortunate to live in a situation where I can try something like this and I won't go hungry or anything. If it doesn't work out, I'll just find another job. All I ask of my friends is that you support me the best you can. Tell people about my stream. Share links, etc Thank you.

I had another good stream this past week. I once again Palia and podcasted which may be a thing I do on the regular for the future. I'm not sure if I'm going to be streaming this upcoming week. I have yet another LARP I'm doing this upcoming weekend and may need the extra time to prepare. I will keep you updated on all my various social medias.

I had a great stream this past week. I had fun playing Palia and talking about LARPing! The one downside is the new Palia update caused some new glitches to happen. The game isn't totally unplayable at this point but it's not great.

I streamed once this week. It was my first time streaming after a two week hiatus while I LARPed. I did a podcast and Palia stream where I played Palia and talked about the LARPs I did. It went well.

Two streams again this past week. The first stream was great! I played Palia with my "little brother" Sam. Igot gifted a buch of subs and another friend subbed which made me happy and made my goal so I can pay Severia more money for the editing job he did for me. Friday night's stream was Phasmophobia which had an update and changes. We decided we didn't like them. I'm taking a break from streaming to go LARP. Please keep an eye on my socials for more updates.

I streamed twice this week. The first stream was great! lots of friends stopped by and chatted, I got a couple raids, I had a fun time playing the game I was streaming, which was Palia btw. Then Friday nights stream, I had a couple weirdos, and not my kind of good kind of weirds. One person came in complaining about my Nightbot, saying it posts too much. Then someone came in asking me to join their Minecraft server and discord. Practically begging me. it was weird weird.

I had a short stream schedule this past week because I had things to do that weekend. I have gotten super into the MMO Palia and plan to stream a lot more of it. I feel like I could almost play that game forever. I am tempted to make Palia my first 24 hour stream game. Oh! my video came out! youtube.com/watch?v=-JGu9RxcX0 have a watch!

I had a great stream this past Wednesday. My plans that afternoon got cancelled so I ended up switching to Palia and I streamed for longer than I do normally. I also had five viewers by the end which I think is pretty good. I also streamed the new Powerwash Simulator Spongebob DLC on Saturday. It was a fun time! I might only stream on Wednesday this upcoming week as my weekend is looking busy. Oh! my video from Severia is done! I will be posting it Tuesday!

I took a couple week's off from streaming. I needed the break and work on things. I got a new mic thanks to a kind persons donation to my Throne. I have a new PNG avatar in the works, thanks to a friend, and a video being edited, thanks to another friend. Wednesdays stream was good. Went back to Fall Guys which I had semiretired from playing. I was a touch rusty but I had a fun time. That game may be back into the regular rotation. I also got a couple subs which is always great. Friday was good.

I had two good streams. Sadly a member of my community was feeling unwell and had to bow out. Saturday night we cancelled stream because of another traumatic event. Maybe one day I'll get more into what's happening.

Wednesday I cancelled stream. Something semi-traumatic happened and I just didn't think I could stream. Things are okay now though. Yesterday I had a fun and productive stream if it was a bit slow. Tonight I am going to play Diablo IV for the first time. I'm always nervous when I stream a new game, so many unknown factors!

I tried something new this week. I streamed World of Warcraft. It went pretty well. I got a sub during the stream which felt good. If I keep it up, I might make it a "WoW Wednesday' sort of thing. Friday we had a fun Community night. Tried the new Alpha for 7 Days to Die. it was fun but a little confusing at parts.

I had a great week of streaming! I had multiple days of streaming where I had around ten viewers! I did a lot of networking during my trip to Canada I took and it seems it may be paying off! Cya next week!

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