think I might come back here assuming there's somewhat of a respite from all the doom n gloom

the teen girl squad valentines day episode takes over my mind for the full 24 hours of valentines day

conspiracy theories 

I'm v hyperfixated on the OST ritual murder/suicides rn ig

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conspiracy theories 

I dunno if it's a conspiracy theory held by anyone (whoever is both a weirdly scared of occultism n also feminism) that there are feminists in some esoteric order but
I kinda want it to be true cause I wanna read about "secret weird rituals but in a feminist way"

Re: twitter, animal death 

@RainbowRodent desensitization through self-hatred idk

twitter, animal death 

I log onto twitter n the latest meme is a decapitated deer's head in a toilet haha

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