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(to the tune of anarchy in the uk)
transphobes in the uk
this affects both you n me
buncha assholes quoting sheila jeffries

need somebody to photograph my ass for posteriority

my grand plan to get rich when I was lil was to buy skittles dot com when the internet was new n sell it to the company that made em for millions of dollars n part of me still thinks that's possible lol what is up w that

don't mind me, just drinking some of my good old :psp_p: | :psp_s: :psp_s:

the nu metal themed villain in ok ko was the best shit ever

I'm always thrown off when I see the glaad logo cause it looks like a wireless service logo

someday I wanna do a full band cover of jimi by the butthole surfers w you

the cool thing about my secondary name is that it's alliterative w my gf's name

if ur trans make sure to FUCK IT UP today!!!

🌱🌳🌱🌻 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

recently I found out that ppl who play accordions really like a guy named "john cutting"

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