I want to find more people like me, who enjoy cute wholesome positive furry/animal stuff, and like making it. Dunno where to look though.

Weird, implied transformation 

Nova as a friend's udder! I initially wanted to try and play around with incorporating more of her colors aside from just green, but it didn't work out so well. Thankfully bright green is pretty distinctly "Nova."

Drawn by twitter.com/Yurzamaniac

I think her name's Sherbet because, as a friend pointed out, she looks like rainbow sherbet color-wise.

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Tried designing a fox taur with some nice soft pastel colors. I wanted to have a taur of a more standard species than a beaver, still gotta pick a name though.

I got another commission of my beaver taur, this time swinging a Giant Mallet down on a diamond block!

Original tweet:

I just got this amazing commission from tor_kl on Twitter! That's an artist whose work I really admire and I was really surprised when they actually opened commissions awhile back.

I really love the bubble gun from Cave Story and I really wanted to put in a copy ability that took inspiration from it in the first game, but I figured it wasn't a great fit for the NES's sprite limits. But I'm not on the NES anymore am I?

I designed a painter jerboa character who paints with their tail tuft, which I redesigned into a paintbrush. I tried to base the colors around red, blue and yellow.

I drew a fox girl. I worried about being a copycat for doing a red fox with red hair for a moment but then I realized that I can name *four* characters like that off the top of my head. So we can all copy each other I guess.

Here's me just having fun with the fact that I haven't yet implemented the restriction that you have to touch the ground before using this again.

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Starting off implementing copy abilities with the burger! That also required me to implement explosions, and I may draw a different graphic for them but I think the smoke looks nice too!

Rebecca the beaver taur, as drawn by furaffinity.net/user/athalean

I'm really glad to finally have a picture of her that isn't just vague pixel art!

I also drew a bunch of other copy ability art. Going to try out having bubbles, a fishing rod, an emphasis on remote control stuff and other ideas.

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So I'm drawing copy ability graphics for Nova the Squirrel 2

lonely, vent 

I'm feeling pretty bad about not having friends I can spend time with in real life, and never getting invited to social events. I can't seem to do anything about it either since it seems like every plan I make to try to improve things falls apart on me, no matter what.

It feels like other people don't struggle with this and I always feel really awful when I hear about other people getting to go to social events or actually have convention plans work. Why can't I have friends too?

slight flashing? 

Saw a (completely innocent) tweet that primarily consisted of the word "flop" so that caused me to draw a mini sprite of cs188's Nyan Man, but SFW. YouTube Poop has left me messed up all these years later, hahahaha.

I might actually use this somewhere.

Probably my favorite part of text conversations as opposed to voice ones is that you completely avoid the issue where people aren't giving you room to talk. You just talk.

Hey, some progress on making the inventory screen actually functional

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