I really like the change of artist for Squirrel Girl issue #41. I missed Erica Henderson's art a lot and I didn't care for the replacement all too much.

Try 2 at drawing Maffi. Better hair, better anatomy/proportions, making little improvements. Realizing I should probably just scan things instead of dealing with a camera.

I think I'm gonna name my SNES mouse character "Maffi" (M from "mouse", fused with the first four letters of "affine transformation" which is what Mode 7 really is) if I still think it's good later and not just at 5 AM.

Worldbuilding some more, I think she'd be very good at digital art, because she could plug herself in and just have the exact shape or cursor movement she's thinking of get drawn, no going over a curve several times until it's right.

Sample assets for my NES microgame creator thing. It's a mixture of graphics I reused from games I released, games that never saw the light of day or made any real progress, and new stuff. You'll definitely be able to add your own graphics too, but maybe not immediately in the first build of this I make public, since that will have to get into dynamically loading graphics per-game.

In statistics class whenever I saw "σ" I would notice that it looked a little bit like toilet paper, and I'm sure I used it as such in some TI-BASIC game ages ago

drawpile://drawpile.net/d3e3a983-1d94-4d89-9995-51b25912b8ec with a password of "wario" if people want to collaboratively doodle some stuff or watch. No theme, just have fun and don't be a dick. Hope this isn't a disaster. :p

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I read through most of the manual for Madcap and it actually looks like a tabletop RPG that I would really enjoy and that wouldn't make me uncomfortable. Now the difficult part will be actually getting a group together for something that isn't violent medieval fantasy.

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I think I'm gonna try to host a drawpile thing tomorrow probably some time after 6 PM EST? no theme or anything

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Doodled a mimiga (or a try at one) for art practice. Non-human proportions seem a lot easier to me for some reason, especially because I keep drawing too-short legs and often they're actually called for.

Or alternatively it'd be nice to find some sort of community for just art stuff...

Would there be any interest in a general-purpose drawpile or something I could be included in?

I kinda feel like I want to make a Mimiga character since I love Cave Story, but unsure how I'd want to set her apart yet

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Sometimes I read data sheets for processors for fun and that definitely doesn't make me boring at all

... of course I skip right to the parts talking about the instruction set, which is the actual Good Stuff

Here's the part where I have to learn to use an XML Python library I guess

Tried drawing my girlfriend holding a keyblade for art practice, especially trying to learn proportions. I made the legs longer than I usually do because I always make them way too short, and tried making the arms and legs into two parts. (helped by her coloration assisting this a bit)

I know I say it a lot but I really feel that if I were born maybe 15 years earlier I'd have gotten to experience a much more interesting version of the furry fandom, gotten to experience Second Life when it wasn't dead, etc. At least I got to ride out the last 6 years or so of IRC being strong.

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