I'm visiting my dad for the weekend for Easter, and my room us in a basement closet there. I'm being reminded that there's few things more frustrating than an unreliable (but not completely nonfunctional) WiFi signal.

When I see squirrels outside I drop everything I'm doing and admire them

Been trying to get vertical scrolling working in my game engine for some number of hours and I think it's time to put things away and sleep. With any luck what I need to do to fix it will be clearer when it's not 3 AM.

On the NES, one of the dreaded things to work with is the attribute table, which is a separate 64-byte structure tacked onto the end of a tilemap which indicates what parts of the background are what palette in an awkward zig-zaggy fashion.

And on the SNES it's just, nonexistent. The tilemap is just a series of 16-bit values that contain a palette number, tile number, and flips, and it's just nice and linear. That's one nice thing about the console.

Level loading isn't in, but level *rendering* is, and I'm just poking some blocks into the buffer before drawing the level.

I'm going to have to implement scrolling, and I'm sort of dreading vertical scrolling since I made it more complicated in exchange for some extra video RAM, but it should be fine anyway.

Looks like the easiest way to invite people to interact with you as a character you want to try being is actually to temporarily change your Telegram name and picture.

I guess other people like Maffi just as much as I do

The picture I commissioned of Maffi is done!!! It looks amazing and I'm really glad to have better art of her now.


It works now. I was storing the wrong register when I meant to store the accumulator, and it was a copy and paste issue. I have a directory of graphic files in the ROM now, where I can specify one to upload. Now I have to make some mechanism for uploading palettes. Maybe that calls for a separate list.

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I ordered an animation cel of Dr. Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog awhile ago and it arrived today.

Yes, I did buy this entirely because of YouTube Poop.

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I'm slowly working on getting Nova the Squirrel 2 to display some stuff using my own infrastructure. I've got a palette but I'd very much like to upload some tiles too.

I bought two small picture frames to decorate my cubicle at work and I need to figure out what kind of stuff I will put in. Probably print out pictures of characters I like haha. Maybe I'll bring in my wonderful squirrel print I bought at IndyFurCon 2017.

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I want it to stop being so cold most days so I don't need coats anymore

My brain seems to round times in a weird way.

4:45 PM: Fifteen minutes until I go home
4:46 PM: Wow it's almost 4:50 which is almost 5:00!

I need to pick up a pencil again sometime and doodle something. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

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