Toki Wartooth is the only man I would ever let call me mommy

Returning and seeing this as my last post, I'd like to add an update. Over a year later, she is no longer my FP, but my best friend. I did eventually ask if she was bi or pan. She is not, but I still asked her out as friends. This is the only friendship I've been able to maintain for over a year since high school and I am perfectly comfortable telling her that I love her as a friend.

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Fighting a strong urge to text my FP and tell her I love her. She is not in a good place right now and I have no idea how she would react

Poly thoughts 

It makes me very happy that my kids like my girlfriend

selfie, ec 

Last night, I did something I've wanted to do for a long time

Actually it was worse. I pretty much spent the weekend lying on the living room crying. At least we got new furniture yesterday, so that shouldn't happen again

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How bad is my depression?

The only game I've touched in the last week is Microsoft Jigsaw

No context 

It's going to be unrealistic; it may as well be gravity-defying

I want to challenge my old boss to holmgang for my job back

Just watching anime with my dragon and this is the best I've felt in weeks

MH, drugs 

All I've wanted for the last several days is to smoke and go back to bed


Everything is pointless. I can't do anything right


Fuck. I thought this mood swing was over last night

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