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Me: i shall say heck over hell, for it is less strong a word and in fact sounds better
Also me: i shall casually say fuck now

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sure i could spend half an hour doing anything productive or i could fuck around with picking that perf notification sound and become even more powerful

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Women on campus keep complimenting my heart sunglasses and now my dusty fuchsia hair so i think I'm doing something right

Was wondering why i was so wired then remembered I've been drinking coffee all day and i have d&d tonight so I'm 2000% ready

Dungeons and dragons, if you're my players please don't read this Show more

It is i, the only millenial furry who has not seen Disney's Robin Hood

It is i, the only millenial furry who has not seen Disney's Robin Hood

Public display of affection Show more

Nintendo got mad people were making parody video game ideas and announced a Battle Royale Tetris, destroying them all.

Is there a better feel than sharing music with people you love?

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Oh boy it snowed a ton and University is shut down again, guess I'm staying home

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