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if you try to tell me how to optimally play a video game i will min my build just to spite you

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Nobody could possibly own me harder than i constantly own myself

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Waiting in the airport to pick up gf

Incredibly nervous

But i know all will be well

if a tiny bee were to ask me if i like jazz i would scream immediately and then say yes

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Meant to get up at 7 for my exam at 9 but can't fall back asleep. 6 is probably a safer time to get up anyways, what with buses being weird yesterday

What up morning crew

*ominously stroking a bunny in their lap* Khajiit have hares if you have coin

I want to see a captcha where people have to type the text they see in images, but it's text like "Immigrants are human beings just like me", "The color of my skin does not make me better than other people", "LGBTQ+ people deserve all the rights that I have", etc.

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how have i had a Hot Hot Heat album on my shelf for at least a year that I never ripped to my computer...

the three things that sound great to get into, but i am completely overwhelmed by their labyrinthean lore:

1 - wrestling
2 - comics
3 - giant bomb

Every time i try to remember the progression of Baby Got Back i end up in Space Jam and i don't know how my brain keeps making this wrong turn

80s rock musician: Love to write a 7 minute ballad and instead of ending on a great drum hit fuck around on my guitar for 40 more seconds and end on a fade-out

geeze i double my ram and now windows has dropped its idle usage to...


lmao great.

god i gotta take a walk, im getting restless from all the studying

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