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how have i had a Hot Hot Heat album on my shelf for at least a year that I never ripped to my computer...

the three things that sound great to get into, but i am completely overwhelmed by their labyrinthean lore:

1 - wrestling
2 - comics
3 - giant bomb

@opendork if they got Sir Mix-a-Lot on the Space Jam 2 soundtrack I'd be super happy tbh

Every time i try to remember the progression of Baby Got Back i end up in Space Jam and i don't know how my brain keeps making this wrong turn

80s rock musician: Love to write a 7 minute ballad and instead of ending on a great drum hit fuck around on my guitar for 40 more seconds and end on a fade-out

geeze i double my ram and now windows has dropped its idle usage to...


lmao great.

god i gotta take a walk, im getting restless from all the studying

shoutout to whoever found my youtube, im sorry it's got animations from when i was 17

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