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y'know that bs "tomboy made to wear a dress and everyone is amazed at how pretty she 'really is'" trope?

i say we adopt its inverse more regularly: the high femme, very fashion-forward, dress-and-heels-only character suddenly has some contrivance where she has to show up in, like, sweatpants and a t-shirt.

everyone is amazed at how hot she still is, mostly because she's going HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO COMFY I LOVE IT and joy is sexy

Wotan is incredibly well hidden and no one will ever find him.

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But in the end there is only one Lord of the Box and he does not share power

So on a whim I cashed in a voucher I bought for a cheap order of 50 1.25” pins. They just came in today!

The character FL4K in the upcoming Borderlands 3 is alluded to being non-binary and has this pin, so I recreated it!

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my definition of a "pixel tiny" is a 64x64 graphic done with any arbitrary 4-color palette, as such

maybe i could do these as quick $5-10 commissions

If someone expressing themselves in a way that hurts nobody offends you, it's because you've been taught to respond with vitriol to anything that questions your privilege-based pride.

did you know about the venetian blinds demo?

activision was formed by ex-atari programmers who were unsatisfied with the company. they quickly started making games for the 2600 much better than atari was putting out. so atari sued claiming they had stolen programming knowledge such as the "venetian blinds" technique (second picture) for having previously worked there. david crane showed up to court with the demo and asked "oh you mean this?"

atari lost the lawsuit

I'm not sure if I have ever posted these yet (I can't find them on my other accounts), so here are some free to use queer chevron headers!

All of these are 1500x500.

Credit is appreciated, but not required.

#queer #queerChevron #queerFlag

I really should be seeing more of the flag on the Fediverse, imho!

I thought I would share this 1-bit tile-set by KenneyNL over on bird-site.

It's a CC0 licensed #gameassets pack containing 1,024 tiles/items/characters. I love its aesthetics and _will_ be making some things with it.

#gamedev #pixelart #1bit
An example of the 1-bit tileset…
A top down representation of a …
An example of the set used to b…

I wanna make a fediverse fan zine except in the style in the style of those late 90's to mid 2000's "guides" for popular anime.


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