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You're telling me that we make LIGHTNING go through STONES so we can put DAEMONS in them so they'll perform tasks for us? Computers are actually magic

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What do computers and I have in common?

Non-binary ram

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My thoughts and prayers go out to #voyager1, which after journeying for half a century to reach interstellar space is still expected to answer fucking work emails


The one area in which the Biden administration continues to surpass my wildest expectations is in it's willingness to to go after abusive and anti competitive behavior in a way that hasn't been seen in decades.

> Spotify CEO Daniel Ek surprised by how much laying off 1,500 employees negatively affected the streaming giant’s operations

Apple is cutting Vision Pro production as it fails to meet sales targets.

Analysts expected it to sell 700-800k units in 2024, but it could now be as low as 400k. A lower cost model could now be pushed beyond 2025, if it ever arrives.

#apple #tech #visionpro #vr #ar

“WSJ: The AI industry spent 17x more on Nvidia chips than it brought in in revenue”

Linking to a reddit thread just for the headline quote they found in a paywalled WSJ article feels a bit weird but…

This 17x number is just for chips so the actual cost x revenue multiplier is much higher in reality

"workplace isn't for politics" says company executing political firings

you can't make this up

I don't think I rewatched any Iconoclasts trailer since release. This is not the "official", it's the long cut. I really am proud of those full-scale animated clips in hindsight, I gotta do more. Got nostalgic for the game today.

@njion i furthermore propose giving autistic people javelin launchers to be used on cars without mufflers

Devs sometimes talk about being "close to the metal" but there is no other software engineering team in the world right now that are simultaneously as close to and as far away from the metal as the people keeping Voyager working.

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#Starbucks takes their anti-union fight to the #SupremeCourt.


I drank coffee there daily for more than a decade and I haven’t spent a cent there in more than two years since.

Not a penny for their anti-labor thoughts.

- former “Partner” ☕️

#uspol #politics #uspolitics #labor #unions

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