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If I learned anything in my time here is that computer people can be really gay πŸŒˆπŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

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Putting another coin in the "saying 'i'm gay' when I'm actually bi" jar. Great way to save money

April is autism acceptance month! We... don't have anything special to say about it other than it's a thing. :blobfoxlaughsweat:​

Took me until now to realize that eye contact in images actually bothers me πŸ€”

I decided to make a calculator app, except I'm doing it on pico-8 so that's gonna be interesting.

I got the last 4 letters of PEMDAS down so far!

The cool thing about #programming is that if you start out looking like the bottom left, on your 35th birthday the devil shows up and asks, β€œwhich way, western man?” and forces you to pick one of the other three.

1990s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Watch framework of site gradually appear
- Start reading site text
- View images once they load
- Click a hyperlink to more information on the thing you're looking for

2020s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Wait for Cloudflare to verify you aren't a bot
- Wait for background movie to load
- Dismiss cookie popup
- Decline to subscribe to their mailing list
- Decline to speak to a chatbot that promises it's a human
- Scroll infinitely looking for the information you want that's probably not there since it's all generated text intended for other robots to read anyway

The only thing flat-earthers have to fear, is sphere itself.

New stickers are here! πŸ‘ :blobfox: and I also made pride sheep prints as a test, there's only one of each!

(inhales sharply)


(ghasps for air)


Finally feeling like doing programming once again

Maybe I'll try making a calculator

counter strike players after they strike the counter idk i never played it

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