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If I learned anything in my time here is that computer people can be really gay πŸŒˆπŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

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Putting another coin in the "saying 'i'm gay' when I'm actually bi" jar. Great way to save money

horny/techposting, nudity, chastity 

Both my servers and my own package are securely locked away in a metal case :3

#nsfw #chastity #homelab #femboy

Do you have Long Covid ?

(For the purposes of this poll, consider Long Covid to be any post Covid symptom that persists more than 3 months after catching Covid. )

RPGs are a scam because they hinge on the idea that gaining more life experience makes you more powerful instead of more tired.

me at a strip club: yea baby take it all off
girl: *takes off clothes*
girl: *takes off underwear*
girl: *takes off skin, revealing she is an android sent from the future to kill me*
me: hell yeah

funniest way to discover that your game has a major bug

Looks like the app I'm using only sometimes gives me notifications...

I think I'll re-learn Blender so I can get into 3D stuff again? Having an asset to edit and reuse sounds more my thing than remaking things from scratch regularly like with drawing

A year ago today, I released...
πŸ”Š Music/SFX by @Gruber_Music


It was the largest #Pico8 project I've ever undertaken, taking almost 3 yrs to finish (mostly due to my procrastination!) πŸ˜…
But I'm still very happy with it! 😊

- THANK YOU - to everyone who's ever played/reviewed/shared lovely gameplay pics+videos of #UnDUNE2, you've made it all worth it! πŸ™

#GameDev #IndieDev

Cleaned my room and put away my clean laundry today :)

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