ARRIVEDERCI JACKKNIFE ALWAYS GETS HIS MAN... EVEN IF HIS MAN IS AN ANDROID... AN ANDROID HE LOVES. There's a new page of #CrossedWires on ! And next month's page is live at ! #webcomics

"You wouldn't happen to be the famous android bounty hunter, Arrivederci Jackknife, would you?" The cyborg's sizzling red eye glared at the mysterious stranger across the vantablackjack table, who pounded back another shot of synthwhiskey in reply.

"Maybe I am," he growled. "Depends on if you want to stay quiet and walk out of here alive, or if you want to get perforated with 837 rounds of EMP-tipped nano-lead."

Outside the rain fell like contraband diamonds from God's 3D printer in the sky.

@irisjaycomics it's just regular blackjack but all the suits have been replaced so you have cards like the 4 of GUN, the 10 of THE DECAY OF SOCIETY, and the CEO of WHAT IF PHONES BUT TOO MUCH
@irisjaycomics @BestGirlGrace you would think that the designs themselves were vantablack but they actually glow bright neon, because when playing vantablack you're required to wear sunglasses

@hierarchon @BestGirlGrace that's how you prevent cheating, by making everything so bright that you need shades or eye augments to actually see what's going on

@irisjaycomics @hierarchon what if the cards are vantablack ink on vantablack cards, and you wear sunglasses, and part of skilled play is reading the bumps with your fingers or using your eye augs to detect the slight difference in reflectivity between the ink and the background

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@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics @hierarchon okay but that's just the card game you play against librosteus for your soul i've already Done that one

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