Decoration Day, now known as Memorial Day, has roots in a tradition established by Black-Americans in the aftermath of the Civil War. On May 1, 1865, the formerly enslaved, with profound gratitude for Union soldiers who fought and died for their emancipation, began commemorating that sacrifice by decorating Union graves. This remembrance and gratitude eventually gained support from communities across America.

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Agreed. I donated a bunch to his last campaign and was disappointed that more folks didn't get him enough votes to win, but here he is again, and I will donate to him many times over the months to come. Carry on.

The Little Mermaid is the #1 movie in the world.

That’s a solid win for Disney.

Sorry, regressive racist conservative talibangelical snowflakes, you lose.


Go woke, don’t go broke.

We live in the dumbest timeline.

The people who won't get a vaccine because they think it contains digital trackers are cheering Elon Musk's brain implant.

The people who think we need government out of people's lives want government telling us what to read.

The folks who think every life is sacred before birth refuse to do anything about an epidemic of school shootings.

People who hate anything anti-American want pardons for the Jan6 insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol.


Do No Harm got its start in early 2022 by focusing its criticisms of diversity initiatives in medicine before branching out to transgender health. And despite a nonprofit tax status that limited its involvement in legislation, it created an initiative to restrict gender-affirming care for youths, offered a model bill that an AP analysis by Jeff McMillan and Kimberlee Kruesi found has been used in at least three states, and has sent people to testify in statehouses.

Yeah, I’m sure Jeff Bezos would just give up and bag groceries at a Harris-Teeter if we increased the marginal tax rate after 50 million a year. Fuck John Kasich!

'Can I finish!': GOPer Kasich snaps at MSNBC's Velshi in chaotic argument over taxing the rich

Show this to folks in the back who haven’t realized by now who we elected — President Biden is a negotiator. He gets sh*t done.

Joe got the debt limit deal that he said he would and The United States will not default!

@TonyStark @GreenFire
IF this deal is what it appears to be and IF it actually holds, Biden has exceeded my expectations again.
Really don't think anyone could have done better.

If a store pulls inclusive merchandise after threats from a violent conservative group, you stop shopping at that store. They’re cowards who value the business of the few more than the business of the many. Sure, they’ll say it was to protect staff, but we have people we all pay with taxes to do that. If Target is too cowardly to call the cops and get these folks tossed from the store, they don’t deserve our business.

“It’s an AR! It’s an AR! It’s an AR!,” an officer yelled.

They were scared. Over 100 armed ofcrs felt outmatched by a teenager with an AR.

Law enforcement should be on the front line of efforts to ban assault weapons. Ask yourself why they’re not….

Elon Musk might not be a serious person, but he is a very serious white supremacist.

@morganalafee @GottaLaff

MAGA voters want their own children "protected" from realities like extraordinary young poets like Amanda Gorman AND prevent YOUR children from learning about her too.

Fine if they want to pretend reality isn't real for themselves, but they do not have the right to impose their ideology on others.

Climate scientists flee #Twitter as hostility surges

Policies aimed at curbing the deadly effects of #ClimateChange are accelerating, prompting a rise in what experts identify as organised resistance by opponents of climate reform.

"On #Mastodon, “I haven’t had any abuse at all or even people questioning climate change. I think we’d become far too used to it on Twitter… I had blocked loads of accounts over on the #birdsite”, she added."

#TwitterTakeover #ElonMusk

2/ My pal Maya Wiley chimed in, and as always, is pitch perfect:

Our most basic right fundamental freedom is the freedom to be. This is deeply dangerous! No angry mob should be able to bully a business from serving everyone! #Pride

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(1,2) One year ago, the reality of American Carnage touched another community, leaving 21 killed. I have since gotten to know many of the wonderful families now broken by gun today my heart is with them. Many of them have fought heroically for change to protect

(2,2) those you love. They have turned their pain to purpose. On this one year remembrance, we owe it to these families to listen and to react. We owe it to them to do everything possible to stop the next instance of gun violence.

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Tom Wellborn on Substack: "Target CEO Brian Cornell's retreat from supporting LGBTQ+ rights under extremist pressure is a stark symbol of corporate capitulation. This isn't a localized issue, but a national war against sexual orientation and gender identity. The ominous sign of potential discrimination ag…"

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