Companies whose components are used in producing iranian Shahed-136 drones, which russia uses to attack #Ukraine

Adesto Technologies (USA), Analog Devices (USA), Freescale (USA), Hemisphere (USA), Hitec USA Group (USA), International Rectifier (USA), Marvell Technology (USA), Maxim Integrated (USA), Micrel Semiconductor (USA), Micron Technology (USA), Texas Instruments (USA), Murata Manufacturing (Japan), Tallysman (Canada), STMicroelectronics (Switzerland)


Today, the world saw that the bosses of Russia do not control anything. Nothing at all. Complete chaos. Complete absence of any predictability.

First, the world should not be afraid. We know what protects us. Our unity.

Ukraine will definitely be able to protect Europe from any Russian forces, and it doesn't matter who commands them. We will protect. The security of Europe's eastern flank depends only on our defense.

Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainian guns, Ukrainian tanks, Ukrainian missiles are all that protect Europe from such marches as we see today on Russian territory. And when we ask to give us the F-16 fighters or the ATACMS, we're enhancing our common defense. Real defense.

Second, everything must be real. It's time for everyone in the world to frankly say that all of Russia's criminal actions against Ukraine were and are unprovoked. And we all have to focus exclusively on our common security priorities. NATO is not just a word or a set of formal promises. These are reliable guarantees for everyone that peace won't be destroyed. Without Ukraine, such guarantees are worthless. Already in July at the summit in Vilnius, it is a historic chance for real decisions without looking back at Russia. Any nation that borders Russia supports this.

What will we, Ukrainians, do?

We will defend our country. We will defend our freedom. We will not be silent and we will not be inactive. We know how to win – and it will happen. Our victory in this war.

And what will you, Russians, do?

The longer your troops stay on Ukrainian land, the more devastation they will bring to Russia. The longer this person is in the Kremlin, the more disasters there will be.

Alito went to Rome funded by a religious group who wanted him to overturn Roe v Wade

He went to Alaska funded by a billionaire who wanted him to rule in his favor

He went on trips funded by donors who wanted him to favor religion

And this criminal says we CAN’T criticize him?!

Donald Trump said a president has total control of that president’s records.

That is 100% WRONG.

Here is the truth:

“The United States shall reserve and retain complete ownership, possession, and control of Presidential records.” 44 U.S.C. 2202.

THAT is the law.

@TonyStark those 61% better start voting from now on or it won’t matter what they think.

Always such a tremendous honor to catch up with Vice President @kamalaharris

I absolutely love her! 🇺🇸♥️

Let's face it.

No matter how intelligent Cornell West is, or any good things that he's done in the past,

If Jill Stein signed on, this is a #Russian op.

"Cornel West, the Ivy League academic and progressive activist mounting a third-party campaign for president, has chosen former Green Party candidate Jill Stein to help him challenge to President Joe Biden from the left.

Stein said Wednesday that she’s serving as the “interim coordinator” for the West campaign, a catch-all role that encompasses fundraising, communications and campaign management until West can build a more traditional campaign."

#Political #Politics #News #Bloomberg

@JRBuckley I have been boycotting Walgreens since they stopped giving the abortion pill. F Walgreens!!

Amplifying Democratic accomplishments helps the Democrats win.

Thanks, President Biden!

It’s hard to keep track of all these self-proclaimed followers of Christ and their menagerie of billionaire sugar daddies

For people who purport to hate socialism so much, they sure love taking handouts 😏

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Sam Alito went on a lavish vacation with GOP billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer

Clarence Thomas went on luxury vacations with GOP billionaire Harlan Crow

Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo received $1.6 billion from a GOP donor

The GOP is a circle jerk of corruption

Federalist Society hack Chris Wray also misused his taxpayer-funded government jet for vacations to the Adirondacks

Was paid $2 million by taxpayers to represent Chris Christie in Bridgegate

Protected Kavanaugh from a proper investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct

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Republicans declare banning Universal Free School Meals a 2024 priority. The Republican Party's stance: No Money, No Lunch!

They will fight against lunch for children but fight for tax brea KKK s for billionaires. CHILDREN can't but Billionaires pay them handsome commissions.

We will vote out every last #fascist #republican because #ChristoFascist are Un-American

Looking forward to being on MNSBC's Mehdi Hasan Show with host at 8PMET to talk Donald Trump the one man crime wave and more! Hope you tune in!

#Trump lacked power to declassify secret nuclear arms #document, experts say

“The secret document, listed as No. 19 in the indictment charging Trump with endangering national security, can under the Atomic Energy Act only be declassified through a process that by the statute involves the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.”

Billionaires are harassing a pediatrician for refusing to debate anti-vaxxer RFK Jr

Rand Paul is inciting violence against Dr. Fauci

RFK Jr wrote a book attacking Fauci

Republicans attacked a doctor for helping a 10-yr-old rape victim

NOTHING fascists hate more than the truth

I don’t go to Starbucks often, but after knowing how they’ve treated employees who’re are trying to unionize, legally, I’m going to try to avoid it. The retaliation, intimidation & firings are unacceptable. #UnionStrong

If your organization is banning gender affirming care for religious reasons, I sure hope that includes most breast augmentations, as well as testosterone replacement.

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