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A new ... um, thing. I don't know what to call these. It's 60 seconds long, you might enjoy listening to it.

Pot noodles = ramen
Gateau = a cake*
Note: A gateau is a cake-size cake, as opposed to their "cake" which Americans might call an "individually-sized snack-cake single" if we have allowed the corporate drones to suck all the life and fun out of us. The point is that a "cake" is meant to be consumed by one person; by contrast, a gateau is a cake meant to be sliced up and served among several people.

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Aisling Bea just can't be arsed:
A&E = "Accident & Emergency" department at the hospital (emergency room)
"Struck off" = No longer eligible to be paid by the National Health Service

The first time I heard John Mulaney talk about robots, I ended up literally rofling:

Which nonhuman species will be the first to spontaneously gain fluency in human languages? I'm betting on goats, because they already sound uncannily human, and all it would take to motivate them to talk to people is some angst and free time.

Stewart Lee is an incredibly smart and hilariously transgressive British comedian. There are few things he seems to despise more than unresponsive audiences, except for conservatives and Top Gear.


Margaret Thatcher (n.)—Ronald Reagan
William Beverage (n.)—Franklin Roosevelt
Tory (n., adj.)—Republican
Bovril (n.)—Powdered instant beef bullion, used as a food substitute during WWII and in the lean years that followed.
Call the Midwife (n.)—The Andy Griffith Show

This song is so fantastic, how can I have completely forgotten about it for more than three decades?

A new production bumper for my imaginary multinational conglomerate: (That sound bed is one of my own; I like the way it turned out.)

I forgot all about this song ... Olivia was incredible even back then ... "If Not For You" on a 1971 episode of an Australian variety program.

Reading some poetry from the 1600s by Matthew Prior: It's not always easy to tell with these poets, because they delight in making obscure points that can be difficult to decipher, but I think "Cupid and Ganymede" is an early defense of gay marriage:

I remixed the "Super Showcase Spokesmodels
If you're not familiar with it, please watch the hilarious original first:

I usually think of myself as being reasonably intelligent, but in certain areas, I'm the last to know. Maybe I'll give myself a break and just be happy that I'm making any progress at all. Cheers!

@hawksun OK, so I think that last one was a dm, right? And so this one must be on the public feed. I guess? lol I think I have to read the documentation.

Thank you for letting me join the server. I'm new to Mastodon, so if I am inadvertently rude or forget to do something, do not be afraid to smack me around a bit! Otherwise, how will I learn? LOL :)

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