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It's No Secret (1966, Jefferson Airplane)
"Design for Dreaming" (1956, for GM).

Alla Porta. This two-and-a-half-minute composition has some issues, but it arose so unexpectedly and so suddenly I think it might be interesting in parts.

@hawksun@pettingzoo.co Hey, friend. I hope you're doing well. I don't always make the most rational decisions or take the most direct route, but I usually get to the right place eventually. I hope the spot I'm aiming for has you in it. Take care, be safe.

To escape the political, I've stumbled into the religious: I've been really enjoying these talks by Rabbi Simon Jacobson.

Gloria Upson: Imagine
(Another one of those audio things, 60 seconds; the first time I tried to post, the link didn't work for some reason.)

It's difficult to describe how happy these make me: Kraftwerk's "Tour de France" by Señor Coconut (from El Baile Alemàn) youtu.be/F6qmcymEPvM

This just in:
Coffee has been banned in Florida because it makes people too woke.

The 1988 Japanese theatrical poster for Beetlejuice is a whole... I mean...

@kristofhajos Hello. I liked your song so much that in an obsessive fit of activity, I transcribed your lyrics, thinking you might want to post them along with the song—then I realized you must have your own copy already. I'll put the transcription here for a short time anyway, just in case. I hope it's accurate: doubleghost.online/lyrics.html

Once or twice a week, after absently clicking on a link to what looks like an article, I find myself neck-deep in Twitter, after which I feel like I should take a bath. I take a lot of baths these days.

And that just opens up the whole "what's the difference between looking like a jerk and being a jerk?" conundrum that's plagued philosophers throughout the ages.

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This Age of Communication, with such wondrous tools at our fingertips, is more of an obstacle course for those of us who, for whatever reason, never quite pick up the basic unspoken social cues that most people grasp instinctively. Thanks to technology, today I can make myself look like a jerk at the rate of 18 kilomisunderstandings per day.

@hawksun What an ass I've made of myself. I really do look forward to a day when we can speak together in the same room. Talking is so much less fraught than text-messaging is for me; my problem is I'm used to thinking & working out problems in writing, and it's an approach that doesn't work with social media. I've said things to offend you, and I'm very sorry for it; I never want to cause you any trouble or discomfort. My condolences, please be safe. <3

Today's audio thing is "Squad, Camp It Up!" based on a favorite and truly bizarre Monty Python sketch.

I'm not sure why the tune doesn't play in-app :( At least the external link works ok.

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