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Hi, my name's Evelyn (she/her) but you can call me Evie
I'm a bun that moos.
I have a cat named Skinner (her nickname is Pigeon) that sounds like a pigeon when she purrs.
I like collecting old + odd smartphones and other weird tech, and I love Pokemon
I work in specialty coffee and occasionally go on rants about how good coffee is and use super flowery language to talk about the coffee I'm drinking
I'll occasionally post tagged nsfw/kink stuff but I generally keep that to my AD

Catch me rocking this bad boy on my new SoundCloud mixtape

I'm sorry my socks + underwear picture wasn't all lewd and flirty

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Oh my god MBMBaM is releasing their Detroit Star Wars live show as a MaxFun Drive bonus episode

(shh I'm going to sleep now good night)

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Well, I've had dinner and showered so I guess it's time to get to sleep 🙃

I haven't been hooked like how I was with Demon's Souls or Bloodbourne

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Maybe I'm just not a "G A M E R" anymore because I have a 40 hour a week job and don't want to spend every minute I'm NOT working grinding through a video game

There's a lot of things in Sekiro where I'm like ".......huh.....that kinda sucks. This doesn't feel well designed"

Sekiro spoiler (???????) game mechanics Show more

Sekiro spoiler (???????) game mechanics Show more

Wow Huawei sure is thirsty for people to see their new phone tomorrow

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