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Hi, my name's Evelyn (she/her) but you can call me Evie
I'm a bun that moos.
I have a cat named Skinner (her nickname is Pigeon) that sounds like a pigeon when she purrs.
I like collecting old + odd smartphones and other weird tech, and I love Pokemon
I work in specialty coffee and occasionally go on rants about how good coffee is and use super flowery language to talk about the coffee I'm drinking
I'll occasionally post tagged nsfw/kink stuff but I generally keep that to my AD

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This first day is pretty much gonna be us int he hotel room because we're both so tired

There was a rainbow as we climbed through the clouds leaving SJ so it's gonna be a super gay vacation

Can't wait to fly into Chicago, pick up Lan, and IMMEDIATELY go to the hotel and nap

Hhhhhhhhh alright
Hit the second half of the flight now

My butt is so sore from this dang airplane seat šŸ˜µšŸ˜µšŸ˜µšŸ˜µšŸ˜µ

I know Discord doesn't really care about accessibility but like, were there REALLY no better colors to use for this progress bar?????

Not gonna lie I could have done without the chipmunk voice lines from Everything He Needs, Carly

I bought wifi because I'm so fucking bored on this flight

Hey ask me some tmi Tuesday stuff while I'm flying and I'll try to answer some when I land

I can't wait to time travel 2 hours into the future


I hope lan appreciates the fact that I washed my dang jeans for this trip šŸ˜¤

I think Lan will be able to spot me easily since I have a ridiculously bright pink shirt on

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