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Hi, my name's Evelyn (she/her) but you can call me Evie
I'm a bun that moos.
I have a cat named Skinner (her nickname is Pigeon) that sounds like a pigeon when she purrs.
I like collecting old + odd smartphones and other weird tech, and I love Pokemon
I work in specialty coffee and occasionally go on rants about how good coffee is and use super flowery language to talk about the coffee I'm drinking
I'll occasionally post tagged nsfw/kink stuff but I generally keep that to my AD

Holy shit The Dear Hunter is gonna have The World is a Beautiful Place opening for them on this tour next year good god

Yeehaw it’s official, I’m gonna be living in Olympia by the end of the year


Alright, I’m slowly moving over to
I’ve started posting there already so go ahead and follow me there for more posts about Skinner and coffee

go ahead and send me a follow on there no problem, I’ll start accepting people in a bit

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I have a new home for now
It’ll be locked for now, but I’ll probably unlock it when I start posting there

Oh no, I’m going to need a new Fedi home T-T

“New” onlyfans is gonna last for 6 months? 5?

They work you too hard here, they should pay you a hero’s wage

This is one of the funniest frames in television history

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While I’d say dinner is a MASSIVE success
Spicy chicken katsu sandwich

Did y’all know that Garth Marenghi's Darkplace is on Amazon Prime video in the US?

Welp, finished Community again
I’m constantly stunned that season 6 is actually good every time we rewatch it

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