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if you're on the internet today, ajnd you want to look at a website, then suricrasia.online is my recommendation

currently nocturnal but have daytime plans tomorrow so i guess i need to just stay up through today to make sure i sleep tonight

finally switched over to arch linux like i've wanted to for a while. nice for my computer to mostly just have things on it i've specifically put there

recently betwentynined. hope i can make the last year of my 20s an interesting one. though after the previous one i might not complain too much about getting to have a boring one.

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heya, it's xaimerah. had a mastodon before, but the instance it's on is being shut down, and i hadn't used it much or im a while, so figured i'd start fresh. idk how much i'll end up using it this time, but giving it another shot. have a lovely day <3

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