whoops havent logged on in like a month hey everyone whatd i miss

im so happy i just put away like all the clothes that i've had still in a suitcase from school for 3 months <333

I still can't believe I found my friend's Tumblr last year because they reused a goddamn ADHD joke

kink m 

i just had to explain to my boyfriend what inflation kink is

CSS stands for Crying, Sobbing, Silently

why does the universe want me to listen to ars paradoxica and the bright sessions before alice isn't dead. pls.

Reminder! Have you:

- taken all your medication?
- had enough water to drink?
- stood up in the last half-hour?
- smiled in the last half-hour?
- told someone you love them today?

hospital m 

god I just remembered this psych ward meme we had back when we were hospitalized. it was this "101 ways to get high without drugs" poster. highlights include
"milk a cow or goat"
"go skiing"
"plan a picnic" (not have one, just plan one)

lmao we're making a dnd character and its totally just sirah but short

i find the hot dog extremely pleasing to look at. it's a good hot dog. a light in this darkness we call online.

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just remember: inside every one of us is a skeleton just waiting to get out

update: it is now 5:06 am. we did not work on coding. we played stardew valley for two hours.

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Gabriel: jay it's 2:40 am pls leave front so we can Sleep
Jay, firmly planting himself in front: lol it's time to learn to code :D

suicide, venting 

i dont know why i want to die but i do and i dont know how to make myself stop being so numb

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