Hghhfffvvvh they want me to do a trial opening & a couple of hours on Friday and I need to be at my PEAK performance but I’m scared it won’t be enough

is everyone on twitter just getting banned now i am watching people drop off like flies

hobbycraft asking me if i ever been fired like aye whats it to ya

i can be homosexual about it here where lobo cant see but its so nice to see this thing we started together become a thing ;_; <3 he puts so much work into it...i just kind of sit there but i am very proud

my icon theme for this site is purple haired girls with significant emotional issues

Maybe I will take the bank holiday to chill a little bit but relaxing is stressful

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Seeing my parents yesterday they were like [concerned voice] Jeff you look tired. I sure am.

Jesus Christ I just watched a man have the shit beat out of him in the middle of the road & when he crossed it more people ran in until he got knocked to the ground

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