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i just wanna be a glitchy witch who makes games, webcomics, full length albums, experimental video essays, i don't think i'm askin for much here??

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i genuinely feel about being trans the same way folks gush about being gay i love this i love me and I'm proud of me

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// hi!! my name is Olivia and I'm a closeted transfem entity who likes to draw, make glitch art, music and silly puns. I love my friends and cute animals, also prolly shy but I hope you're well ^u^

whoaoh we're halfway there
whoaoh sitting on a chair

is there a way to delete all your masto posts en masse?

so like, how do i just,, start over on mastodon without moving to a new instance

the next time someone with a cough strolls up next to you in traffic atop an orca, compliment them by saying "sick ride, that's a killer whale"

i find myself asking the question as i had at the beginning of this venture: how does one mast a don? :blobthinkingcool:

suffering? more like surfering. catch me on those gnarly waves dude!

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