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i just wanna be a glitchy witch who makes games, webcomics, full length albums, experimental video essays, i don't think i'm askin for much here??

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i genuinely feel about being trans the same way folks gush about being gay i love this i love me and I'm proud of me

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// hi!! my name is Olivia and I'm a closeted transfem entity who likes to draw, make glitch art, music and silly puns. I love my friends and cute animals, also prolly shy but I hope you're well ^u^

suffering? more like surfering. catch me on those gnarly waves dude!

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i just misread a post as "quinoa golem" which is a FANTASTIC rock band name

they see me tootin’
they boostin’

huge shoutout to everybody in the Nu Year fandom on your big day!

If you like to pretend you're more mercenary and need something in return there are even art rewards from a whole bunch of different great artists for you to choose from!

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