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Jenny H

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Tempted to make a conlang that distinguishes different kinds of ownership and power relation. Like the difference between "my friend", "my toothbrush" and "my building".

Outdoors frequently sounds like white noise to me...

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A new chapter of my magiqueer story, Practical Witchcraft for Outcast Teens, is now up on the web:

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wondering how much it would cost to get a guitar tuned to Wendy Carlos' Alpha scale

does a thing need to be combobulous in order to be discombobulated?

seems totally unfair that henry jekyll's doctorate didn't transfer to edward hyde, considering that from the perspective of the medical licensing body they'd be the same person

Though today I revived my poetry programming project so maybe the next thing will be a friendly chat bot, who knows

If I had mechanical skills I'd totally build a robot that I could hug

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