I should probably work on that novella at some point... I announced it like months ago, didn't I?

aw shit now the spartans are attacking troy

picking up girls by painting myself gold and tattooing "kallisti" onto my face

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Smaug is notorious for his withering put-downs: he's always dragon people

(Look Around You voice) What *are* borbs?

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HTTP error 512: Labor Strike

This server cannot fulfill the request because it refuses to cross the picket line.

Closeted trans girls to the tune of Avril Lavigne Show more

actually the show is called doctor who, "the doctor" is the name of the doctor

What if Valerie Solanas went to work for LucasArts

two things i have been invited to today (one fun, one political) so of course i'm properly ill

I've got that slight soreness in the back of my throat that tells me I'm about to fall ill... :s

"Be gay do crimes" would appear to assert both the essentiality of sexuality and the performativity of criminality. However, in this essay I will ...

Did You Know?: The hippopotamus is the only creature in the animal kingdom observed to engage in furry fandom.

My origin story is I used to be a Markov chain trained on the Communist Manifesto until one day I decided to transition to be a trans catgirl

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