You fools! Do you not realise? That which does not kill me will only make me more transgender!

Animating trans girls who pick cliché names with the Zoe trope

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Goddamned voices, making me transpose tunes into F sharp major

mood: want someone cute to sing chumbawamba at me

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Have decided book 2 will be called "Truancy and Trickery"

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I, for one, love my giant goose grandparents

Wait is this why they call her mother goose

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Wrote 3.5 pages of story today. Less than I'd like, but I'm recovering from a bout of depression so I guess I should give myself allowances

Currently sat in a coffee chain listening to a singer-songwriter-style song that appears to be about being a centrist?

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Lol jk I don't get anyone's phone number :(

If I add up all the phone numbers I get from pretty ladies to ensure it comes to a given total, is that a... "chick sum"?

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