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Throw chocolate and strawberry milkshakes!

Antivanilla Action

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art self-promotion but the art is to do with bad trans feels Show more

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‪is there a baseball umpires union and if so how often do they call a strike‬

anyone wanna go to a bunch of basaltic extrusions in county antrim and play some coltrane?

me: no srsly date me??
her: you're confused by the idea of non-photographers using instagram

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local furry starship engineer is cold and gay (CW selfie, eye contact)

me: hey girl, date me
her: you still use MSN emoticons, you date yrself

I am perpetually tired but also I want to do like a million things, bleh

is there a lazy way to write a novel or record an album or go on dates or build a mutual aid affinity group or..?

me: *logs onto masto*
everyone else: whatever this is
me: *can't decide whether to be troy barnes with the pizza or homer simpson in the hedge*

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ah, who am I kidding

the chances of anyone going to Mars are a million to one...

I hope that when we finally colonise Mars our spaceships are cylindrical

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