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Jenny H

Goddamn it I just heard The Lick in the coffee shop music

This is almost as bad as when I was obsessively calling the changes in any four chord pop song I heard

help I'm stuck in a lucasarts adventure game music cover loop

A movement is accomplished in six stages...

Practical Witchcraft for Outcast Teens has reached Chapter 24

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:thinkhappy: what if, an alternative to both mastodon _and_ pleroma, which is much less memory-heavy and is a single executable file you drop on your server

help us out #rustodon

LB: I don't even have a floppy drive and I want this so bad

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I know everyone's sick of me yelling about floppies, but I got my last batch from ebay and they're SO NEON. Ok, I'm done now.

Finally have a functional laptop!

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Presenting: a web app, written in Haskell, to check whether your poetry is in iambic pentameter.

Code to come as soon as I’ve cleaned it up, paper to come once I’ve finished writing it!

There's someone crawling around on the roof landing outside my flat, banging on the windows :(

Trans status: every so often my brain goes "everybody wants to be a girl" to the tune of "everybody wants to rule the world", I'm very sorry

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You need to know this.

Tired: Cross dressing
Wired: Ichthys dressing
Divinely-inspired: King James Bible dressing

Sweet transvestite, and it's sequel, bitter transsexual

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