ok i got my brain to stop screaming bloody murder at me

i can stay home the next couple days which is good because existing right now makes me feel like removing my skin

self harm mention 

only rlly putting this on here bc it allows for actual trigger warnings which are much more important to me than curating who is able to see me doing badly lol

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self harm mention 

i feel kind of. actively like wanting to hurt myself right now. instead of doing anything else im just like "hey maybe do this thing that will make you cry instead"

my does my phone SOMETIMES have the new emoji keyboard and sometimes doesnt. make it make sense

someones gonna have to go grocery shopping because we have NOTHING for dinner and i dont wanna do it but i also dont want to have to mobilize my brothers

my major achievement on this day of actually talking to people at school even for a bit. i... cant do it in the classroom. mayhaps i have trauma

cw incest mention 

like oh no longer feeling your $300 hentai demon adopt you used to rp quasi cousin incest?

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truly seeing that one of the shitty former fc members like fanta into a viera is so funny to me somehow

i forgot i wanted to hang out more on mastodon

this is so much nicer to look at than twitter

i did something "stupid" today (aka i went onto the twitter account of someone i hate, saw that they were threatening to "call out" my ffxiv fc and then proceeded to vague them on my main) and got sent a pass-agg discord message in response and its been haunting me all day

[color=hotpink]hey what if we just start customizing our toots like theyre gaiaonline forum posts [/color]

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