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So apparently people do here :3

I'm Janet! I'm a queer (she/her) nerd studying computer engineering! I play around with weird projects in my free time. I have an ESXi compute cluster I made for doing weird admin-y things; Having obsessive hobbies is my life in a nutshell.

I'm also starting a devops internship this spring and I do some freelance web stuff on the side.

Feel free to @ me.

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spent the last several hours of my night setting up a ppp link between two computers using their audio cards

commands involved:

minimodem -A -q --rx 9600 --confidence 2 --sync-byte 0xaa | socat stdio pty,echo=0 | minimodem -A --tx 9600 --sync-byte 0xaa

sudo pppd proxyarp mtu 1280 persist nodeflate noauth lcp-echo-interval 10 crtscts lock /dev/pts/2 9600

Watching the dumpsterfire of dmesg -w as my array rebalances with a failed disk while listening to the doom soundtrack is a feel

[58362.683177] BTRFS error (device sde): bdev /dev/sdh errs: wr 18361045, rd 4232902, flush 15852, corrupt 0, gen 0


[58380.863252] btrfs_dev_stat_print_on_error: 90558 callbacks suppressed

[58403.349445] BTRFS info (device sde): relocating block group 2277435768832 flags 17

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Am I valid to bring a full size mechanical keyboard to work?

Meds, eating, self care ( - ) Show more

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ghc stands for Girls HhhhhhHh Cuties, not Glasgow Haskell Compiler

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skin, accutane, acne Show more

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meds? (not really negative or positive, a joke) Show more

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using/writing free software to impress girls

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meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

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@fribbledom Another handy one is running "gpio readall" on the pi itself! It even auto-detects what model it is.

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every time i leave the house i have the feel all my servers know and they may crash at any time

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