watching a video essay about the witchtok moon hex and it's hitting me like a truck. so embarrassing to look back on how concerned for the moon i was i thought it was the biggest problem ever lmao

If piracy is equivalent to “lost sales”, then why don’t media corporations record it on their public statements? They claim it happens, sure, but they never actually place it as an actual, reported loss – if they could, they would, trust me.

“Lost sales” are not even a legal fiction, but an actual fiction created as propaganda by media corporations.

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you know there's kind of a sweet irony in how people saying they support you being your "true and authentic self" are generally the first to say "no, not like that"

I mean, I'm excluding the bigots who are ignored entirely, but I'm also tired of people who performatively say they support authenticity and think of authenticity as like, being "normal," when that is in fact the opposite of authenticity

reminder: riseup and protonmail have snitched before 

"People use rise up under the impression that they wouldn’t cooperate with law enforcement but 8 years ago they buckled under pressure and handed over info to the FBI"

"If you choose to keep using rise up just be aware of this. if it’s a dealbreaker consider alternatives. Some are listed at"

"Protonmail also complies with cops and has specifically done so against anticapitalists."

i wake up every day and choose copyright infringement

in the recent shaun video he talked about Those Who Walk Away From Omelas, where the premise is could you tolerate a utopian society if it meant just a single child had to be left in eternal suffering to maintain it

while I wouldn't in the way it's presented, I would if that child were bill gates or elon musk tbh

like if we have to put billionaires in eternal torment to maintain our society, that's a bonus actually

hey, so, remember the talk i did on hacktivism at the end of last november? the recording of that is now finally available, so if you missed the talk, wanna rewatch it or wanna share it with someone you can now finally do that!

thanks a lot to @TheAlternative for having me and putting up the recording!

Life shouldn't be about accumulating more money and objects it should be about enjoying real luxury when you can.

this is a reminder to water your plants because i definitely needed one

hello fedi users, i have hired this cat to stare at you. have a good day

tell me something good that happened. to you or in general. :boost_ok:

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