Life shouldn't be about accumulating more money and objects it should be about enjoying real luxury when you can.

this is a reminder to water your plants because i definitely needed one

hello fedi users, i have hired this cat to stare at you. have a good day

tell me something good that happened. to you or in general. :boost_ok:

one of the things I find most frustrating about creativity on the modern internet isn't just the many, often arbitrary, limitations enforced by corporations, but people's willingness or even eagerness to surrender to them

from "seggs" and "unalive" to nudity bans to filtering out queer keywords to llms telling you off for asking about things that are totally normal in fiction, huge swathes of the global human experience and imagination are roadblocked off by random people in far-away offices

"you shouldn't feel bad about not doing anything all day, capitalism is a human construct!!! 😊😊😊💜💜💜" i don't feel bad because i'm not productive in the capitalist sense. i feel bad because i've done nothing but scroll social media all day. being productive for the self regardless of capitalism is mental health too. fuck your toxic positivity

a reminder that Mastodon is pulling in $24,480/month via Patreon alone, and they apparently have "insufficient resources" to pay a bug bounty on last week's massive security hole

Anything worth doing is worth half-assing.

something something community comradery / the friends we make along the way

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okay it was a dead lead but i'm not really disappointed actually tbh mistakes will happen all the time

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i need to be studying right now but the suspense is killing me

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Buffy: "The hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it"

Everyone watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Err.. no, the hardest thing to do in your world is to not get killed or impregnated by a demon 🤣

that feeling when you might be close to finding lost media but you're scared to get your hopes up [being vague mostly because i don't want to get my hopes up]

* If you're angry at Mozilla for their ill-advised commercial experiments, try the ESR version of Firefox.

* If you're angry at Mozilla for making bad privacy choices, try LibreWolf.

* If you're still angry at Mozilla for deprecating plug-ins & RSS support, try Pale Moon.

* If you're angry at Mozilla because Bryan Lunduke said mean things about them, then as someone whose previous project was torn apart after one of his videos called it a "woke fork", I kindly invite you to go fuck yourself.

this valentine's day, I propose dismantling the violent, oppressive system of governments, borders, and shitty private transportation infrastructure so that people like me can actually spent time with their loved ones and friends

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