some spare fastener hardware, failed/obsolete , extra printed circuit boards ( not included), scraps of mirror & filter, etc

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@settinger designed and printed a comic sans typewriter ball so we're testing it on my IBM selectric this afternoon and it totally does work!

Another arrangement, this using uranium glass rather than a fluorescein solution. I tried using an autocycling 3 color LED, but was disappointed that it seemed stuck at flat red

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I realized that the in this $1 solar yard light can be swapped out with my own. Here it's been replaced with a UV LED, which can drive fluoresence or charge a glow in the dark element

Sharing an amazing book: Toolbox for sustainable city living: a do-it-ourselves guide. It has a great explanation of what could be described as a #solarpunk & degrowth approach to urban permaculture with great illustrations! A ton of really good info in this.

Some things that stand out: the pond idea with old carpets and plastic is really good. That image of a multi stage grow system of plants, fish, and shellfish is amazing. Along with a grey water filtration system with grow beds next to it.

Download link here:
(Use the IPFS links)

I really want to get in touch with the writers because they had an experimental warehouse in Austin where they were putting these things to the test. But the city stepped in due to permitting. Incredible story to be told about their fight against the city.

#OtD 12 Mar 1977, authorities shut down Radio Alice, a radical pirate radio station in Bologna, during a rebellion in response to the police murder of Francesco Lorusso. The station had been an essential hub for workers, students, feminists & gay groups

First, the very good news: Version 4.0 of The Ultimate Tape Archive, a compilation of Commodore 64 cassette-based software, has been released, with Internet Archive as the primary download!

16gb of cassette based software, scans of the cassettes and inlays and instructions.

The even better news: The collection has ALL of them, emulated!

That's 2000 tapes for you to enjoy.

I think I got it sorted out.

It's the Birdbox, the motion-sensing device appliance that has hundreds of birds held captive inside its wires

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Much as i love touching hot circuit boards, its best that i rewire these. I started with the off/on button and soldered on some leads. I was going to use a doorbell but ultimately wired up this chonky arcade pushbutton

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this was the problem: the plastic buttons flexed when pushed, turning backwards force into downwards force and hitting the button switches on the circuit board. One of the plastic strips came free and got lost in the housing

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needed aa better stand. someday i'll find a busted up coffee table but for now this chair from the dumpster will work after some modification

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This CRT has seen better days, so it's getting rebuilt as an A/V coffee table & smarthome terminal

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