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Alan Turing was a mathematician & cryptographer who was a leading code-breaker in the team that decrypted Nazi Germany’s Enigma machine during WWII. He inspired modern computing & what became AI.

Instead of being hailed as a genius & hero, Turing was convicted as a homosexual & forced to endure chemical castration. He died by suicide at 41 in 1954.

The British government didn’t apologize until 2009 & Queen Elizabeth II finally pardoned him in 2013. #history #science

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Mastodon User Tip

Make use of #Lists, and when you follow someone make a habit of adding them to a list right then.

It's quick and easy:
- Set up at least three or four lists. You can number them to arrange the list display order.
- After you hit FOLLOW, click the three vertical dots and choose "Add or Remove from lists". This will bring up your lists and you can click to add the follow to one or more lists.

They will make your #Fediverse life so much better.

#MastoTips #MastodonMigration

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“I've always tried to present a positive view of the world in my work. It's so much easier to be negative & cynical & predict doom for the world than it is to try & figure out how to make things better. We have an obligation to do the latter."

- Jim Henson

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My fellow dudes: If you are entering a conversation among women, especially one that is explicitly about women's issues, out of a genuine desire to be helpful by offering a male perspective, take a moment to consider that they are IMMERSED in male perspectives, they are force-fed them all day every day, they know, really, they know better than you do because they've heard it AND seen it from the outside, you can let this one go. I promise.

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Physicist Lise Meitner’s brilliance led to the discovery of nuclear fission. But her long time collaborator Otto Hahn, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry without her in 1944, even though she had given the first theoretical explanation.

Albert Einstein called Meitner “our Marie Curie." She also adamantly refused to work on the atomic bomb during WWII. #science #history

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Last night I shared two posts. The first was positive (Fred Rogers) & the second was abysmal (normalized gun violence).

On #Twitter, I suspect the latter would have garnered far more attention bc a race for publicly visible RTs, likes & follows favors promoting shock & outrage.

But here on #Mastodon, Mister Rogers wisdom was shared more widely.

This isn’t a scientific analysis but a mere observation reinforcing that social media will be what we make it. And I like this neighborhood.

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Who amongst you know of "Otik's spicy potatoes" (without doing an internet search)?

😊 Anyone?

Pls boost for reach!

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