When people say, "Don't wear that, don't say that, don't rock the boat," are they trying to protect the other person from the social consequences of difference, or are they trying to protect themselves from facing the truth that they've sacrificed their own self on the altar of social approval?

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The cosmic subconscious dreams the flight of stars, like fish, breaking water to soar, braving the sky, the limit, the limitless.

Yeah, gonna be one of those days...

Using "auto-reply" to get around the word count. That's two marks against Masto, in favor of Facepalm. Of course, Facepalm already has such a large number of marks against it that... Uh-oh, running out of characters again.

One of those days, indeed...

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Having one of those mornings. Afternoons. Lives. Whatever.

Pray for the world, we all need a little boost sometimes. Is it hard to pray for the abstract? I gather that most people need something specific, personal, particular... Is that a function of the brain? "It's not a bug; it's a feature." A finger, pointing at the moon, "Look at me!" How could it be other than trivia? Doesn't it *all* matter? Is it important that *someone* know?

It's not, "Can it be done?"
It's not, "Can it be done well?"
It's, "Can it be monetized?"

The current problem with AI is that it interferes with the existing monetization process.

The coming problem is that we risk treating AI the way we've treated each other, and that can't end well.

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I like Ike: the last decent Republican.

"Don't join the book burners. Don't think you are going to conceal faults by concealing evidence that they ever existed. Don't be afraid to go in your library and read every book, as long as that document does not offend our own ideas of decency. That should be the only censorship.

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"And we have got to fight it with something better, not try to conceal the thinking of our own people. They are part of America. And even if they think ideas that are contrary to ours, their right to say them, their right to record them, and their right to have them at places where they are accessible to others is unquestioned, or it isn't America."

-- commencement address at Dartmouth

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Greetings earthlings! I'm a long-time facepalm user, now also on mastodon because one of my friends has migrated, and fb algorithms are horked. I'm weird and different, post random thoughts and samples of whatever art I'm working on, and I *gasp* like pineapple on pizza. And snarky cat memes. Well met!

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