ACP server downtime announcement 

We (ACP) will go down shortly for a server move. I'll use this account to keep informed about the progress.

Happy new year 🤗

To start well, ACP🎉 is down!

All our admins are unavailable deserving some rest, having some fun or take care of dear ones.

Thank for your patience, fuck capitalism and patriarchy!

ACP maintenance 

We are back since 5:48pm. End of 🎉


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ACP maintenance 

We are currently on a second database upgrade that takes a long time. Hold on! 🎢

ACP maintenance 

Now ACP instance is gonna go offline for maintenance and I use this CF for keeping people up to date since it is my backup account

Servers are very similar to humans: time to time they are down and it is ok.

Oscour! Je suis assi dans un parc, plus de batterie et la flegme de rentrer à la maison.

« La baisse d'impôts aux entreprises profitera à tout le monde, par "ruissellement". »

Ben ouais, c'est bien connu, les patron•ne•s s'en mettant plein les fouilles, iels vont redistribuer les richesses en augmentant les salaires sans que on ne leur demande rien 😂🤔

Controversial opinion, design 

Graphic design is bad.

Servers are very similar to humans: time to time they are down and it is ok.

I know it is not acceptable but we temporarily fixed the bass by soldering the pickup directly on the jack. 😳

I forgot an Apache update and the server went down for something like 20 minutes 🤔😅

"I can't believe it's not butter"
"It's a cat. Why would you even believe it was butter in the first place?"
"...marketers. They have bested me yet again!"

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