The first rule of magic club is you don't talk about magic club. Except for the whole being an actual fae thing. You know, like in the fairytales? They're called spartoi in Greek mythology, but they still count

The best thing about being trans is that even the most vile of places are still better than Britain. The worst thing about being trans is that even the most vile of places are still better than Britain. The middle things don't really apply to me,

This is an IBM tape library robot. It’s designed to fetch, load, unload, and return tape media cartridges to the correct bay in large enterprise environments.

One fateful ‘workend’, I made one serve drinks.

It went back into prod on the Monday…


see nearly every rail transit in NY simultaneously by heading to Queens, this bridge I used to look at every day overlooks the East River Tunnel entrance for LIRR, Amtrak, NJ Transit (on its way to Sunnyside Yards), the 7 Train, and Hunters Point Station

:temmie: :sans: :queer: :paw_fx90_wave: :paw_fx90_nail_varnish: :netscape: :heart_cyber:

Just looking at what cute emoji we have in this server

Been a rough evening, so here's a rainbow fox to cheer us all up

instead of masculinity or femininity we're pursuing faeity...
fae tity

L + ratio + wrong fs type + bad option + bad superblock on /dev/sdc2 + missing codepage or helper program + other error

achievement unlocked: my boss suggested i ask my headmate, who has more industry experience, to fill me in before tomorrow's meeting

(it was both completely appropriate and a good idea)

I just found an amazing website that lists all the movies and shows that only exist within other movies or shows. It's called nestflix

I found it whilst looking up content for the movie Hard to Watch: based on the book Stone Cold Bummer by Manipulate by Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock

the problem is I'm writing a sci fi novel and I keep getting distracted by trying to make stuff from the novel into real life

The time has come, my friends. Time to tell everyone I'm bisexual and that was the most recent one. The others happened months ago. How do they know? It's not like we're hiding it or anything... Haha, no!

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