i have no real desire to see toots from people i am not purposefully and immediately following so it's like whatever. i don't need "features"

god thinking about @wren@kinni.es is fucking killing me. i hate this

There's no such thing as a verified account on Mastodon. We assume you are who you say you are. If you see someone with a check-mark by their name (like βœ…), they've just typed that emoji into their display name.

i can't wait to have social media where i can make d**th thr**ts again*

*i am not going to make any d**th thr**ts

so unless you know us quite well for years it is difficult to make those kinds of associations with individuals in our system. my expectations are tempered. i do hope people think of me though

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i don't really expect people to be able to keep up with the intricacies of our system stuff because it's like

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i have been experiencing ? identity euphoria recently like wow i [au] am a real person with a fixed identity and traits and people can get to know me specifically haha wow that's crazy

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anyway it's au i haven't gone anywhere in the past like month other than the minute where i successfully coaxed j onto front

i'm going to lock this at some point i just don't want to bother yet when ppl are still making accounts

the fact that i can just add a 'current fronter' field is blowing my mind rn

i need to go take a shower. this is me talking myself into going and taking a shower

you can really see how crunched my graphics have to be for me to run this fucking game

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