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nobody prepares you for when there's a song stuck in your head but only the instrumental part

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For years, YEARS, I’ve been telling myself “I just wanna be able to play bar shows and things like that” And, well, I’ve been on stage, with instrument(s) 25 times this year. Even got paid for some of em.

I made it, goal fukk’n REACHED. Now to phase two! Regular band(s), regular gigs, original music. Let’s goooo!

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If your plan includes the words "but if everyone would just—"

You don't have a plan

Everyone has never "just—" in the history of time

They won't "just—" this time either

We can't "individual responsibility" our way out of a systemic problem

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Machines aren’t taking over. Corporations are taking over.

Worry about the right thing.

#corporatocracy #ai

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If the GOP has decided drag & trans folk existing is the wheel they want to break this country on

I’m thinking cis men need to start wearing sparkly eyeshadow

One shade is about .99 at CVS

Simple, straightforward, & in this case, truly, they can’t arrest you all #shadowprotest #shadowban #drag #transrights #ally

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For all of Florida's history since the inception of the applicable regulatory and licensing bodies, nurse practitioners have been allowed to prescribe hormone therapy, testosterone blockers and other relevant gender-affirming medications.

That has been the case since I moved here in 2011. There was no reason why this wouldn't be the case. It's also the case in every other state.

This new law is a carveout of prescriptions when used for one purpose, gender-affirming care, from nurse practitioners specifically, in a way that has never been done before. It affects all ages.

It has immediately obstructed access to HRT prescription refills for more than 80% of TRANS ADULTS in Florida.

It has also prohibited first appointments for HRT via telehealth with in-state or out-of-state MDs or DOs - first appointments must be in person. This will require expensive and time-consuming travel that is beyond most trans people's means: driving to Georgia from Florida can take 8 hours.

This was an intentional targeting of almost all trans adults in Florida, and the means by which we have received our generic, FDA-approved medications for years. And it included closing every possible door that would let us find another way to keep taking the medications we have taken for...

Well, for me it was 3,891 days when the clock stopped

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ALRIGHT! My petition to the government of Canada, to allow the claiming of asylum by trans people by reason of their country passing trans-eliminationist laws, is now LIVE.


If you are a Canadian Citizen, or a Permanent Resident, you are eligible. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN IF YOU ARE NOT IN THESE CATEGORIES.

Feel free to post the link anywhere you think it'll get traction. I'm modestly hoping we can get 10k signatures in 120 days.

Fly, my pretties! Fly!

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I've decided that any time someone refused to use singular they I'm going to start speaking Middle English at them.

Them: sorry I just can't accept that "they" is singular

Me: yae forr soath, thoo arrt rricht; the oldeh wyes beh ahlwyes betterr

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Every worker in every industry deserves a union, and tech right now is having a clear demonstration of how our lack of unions hurts us.

I just heard an exec say that it was "unfortunate" that we couldn't fire people faster in other parts of the world because of labor protections. Sit with that for a moment.

In the US unions are one of our very very few tools to give us any chance at all.

We need strong unions to push back against this sort of callous insensitivity backed by unchecked greed.

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I've been listening again to The Deed of Paksenarrion on Audible. It was one of the first novels I read of my own volition and it's lived with me ever since. It's one of my all time favourite ever works of fiction and I don't think I know anyone else who's even heard of it, let alone read it.

It’s brilliantly written, and I absolutely adore the pov of an ignorant rural farm girl running off to join an army knowing next to nothing about the crazy magic world she lives in.

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Transition - Doing The Work 

Been thinking quite a bit about the phrase "doing the work" in regards to the process a trans person has to go through to accept themselves.

For want of a better word, each trans person has to develop a patchwork of "faith" (in why transition is okay for them to do) that is strong enough to overcome their combined weight of their fears and social pressures against.

And to begin with that faith is likely built on a lot of different oddball parts due to the lack of any lived experience or likely much major connection within the trans community. Things have to be guessed and imagined that its going to be ok.

But as they transition, and do the work, that faith should naturally evolve through experience, discarding points that are not beneficial, not based in solid reasoning, or dont align with actual reality. To the point that each trans person hopefully finds a resting point of faith that has strong enough ground it doesn't endanger them.

Eventually everyone has to have a stable position of:

I am trans because X, its ok for me to be this way because Y. I (and other trans people) are not monsters.

It's not necessary that each trans person finds the exact same faith as each other, just that their own faith is built on stable enough ground that it can stand up to pressure of bad mental health issues or extreme outside forces.

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I’ll also say that a steam deck with a wireless stadia controller, plugged into my TV makes for a great way to play old video games! EmuDeck works great 😁

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Okay, I got through the opening cutscene to the first room in the game. If I’d seen this in 1995 I might have lost my entire mind!

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