God this gif is so good! I'm so proud of what @cephaccino and I did with this one. :blobuwu:

Okay that is a successful surgery! The Rudder pot was acting crazy even with a 50% dead zone looked like Jim’s shootin’ hand.

I’d hoped to get it apart, but the assembly was pretty complex, so instead I used a 23g hrt needle to precisely inject some IPA under the pot cover. Twisted it to share love, then let it rest before reassembly.

Now it’s lookin like Jim’s other hand: steady as a rock.

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My daughter bought me this for xmas. And while i love the sentiment, I’m… hesitant to put it on. I’m pretty aggressively NOT superstitious, but my wishes are cursed. Any time I make them, the opposite seems to happen, or should it be all but assured, it will be corrupted in some monkey’s paw kinda way. I’ve long since stopped making them. 😬

Do i give it another go?

What if I did a content post 🙃

Here’s a lil piece of a velvety track I’m workin on. And yes, lol, I still have to look at what I’m playing, I’m no much of Guitarist 🤣

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