it's my birthday this week. and i have no plans. cause i am broke.

So i got a chromebook (okay it's more a tablet that runs chromeos) and it has a pen. i'm not even sure what to use the pen for cause i usually use it as a regular desktop.

but that's okay. cause the option still exists. and that's awesome.

I'm still here. Just genuinely not sure what to post here.

hi there. don't know what to say here. watching the pitt panthers play the western michigan broncos. fun game. *taps mic* test 1..2..test 1...2..

You don't really have any followers over here yet. But that's okay cuz I haven't really done anything over here to deserve them. I just don't know what to post about. Cuz most of my stuff is boring or post for help or anything like that. Maybe I'll post very commissions as I get and I have a but I can always delete that and just keep this

Maybe just migrate the followers if I have any from there to here

Anyway just wanted to say hi

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Some art i got done; but the gneech and RJ Bartrop (figured I'd share here too)

Go to level 50 in tonight. finishing up Kul'Tiras and trying to get that allied race unlocked.

so I'm also just as a backup. Maybe keep one nerdy and one general

really not sure what to post. Today's a rather boring day. Nephew has a football scrimmage. Kitten's are doing fine. My health is crap as always


I officially joined a world of warcraft guild tonight. I might go to bed soon though. want to get up early so i can get to walmart to get some food.

hello! i'm Ace. No other name (yet). I'm a I'm I'm also . I'm a freelance editor (commissions open). My fursona is a tiger. I'll have an avatar as soon as i can afford one XD and @catdraiochta is one of my most trusted friends in the world.

Computer Fairies

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