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Tip for those living in areas prone to power loss.

Keep big jugs of water in your freezer, if you have freezer space. if/when power goes out, use the fridge/freezer as little as possible, and transfer frozen water jugs to the fridge. This should help keep the temperature low enough to delay spoilage of food.

@Anarkat this also works if you have a shit fridge with a broken compressor. and soft drink bottles work well as jugs.

@Anarkat And don't get an auto-defrosting freezer. 😁

Not that they work. Ours supposedly is one, but I defrost it every month before the trays become difficult to slide back in.
@flussence > Redefining Energy Security "To improve energy security, we need to make infrastructures less reliable."

Wow, I gotta read that.

@Anarkat also: freeze a cup of water, put a penny on top once it's frozen, and leave it in the freezer, so you'll know if it thawed

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