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For the record (and to pin, likely) I don't mind long response delays at all, from hours to a few days but I don't expect them much unless we've done this before or agreed on it.

So please don't worry much about taking too long responding. Let me know if you prefer to take your time, as I like to have an idea what to expect.

Now I'm as of yet still in a small circle, so maybe it doesn't help with any of you; your timelines might go too quickly burying it and/or you'd forget...but still.

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Hi my first post was more than 6 months ago and bad so here goes:

-I like creative stuff, doing drawing and writing myself (show me your stuff!) and being affectionate to people. Also games, how they work and what makes them do what they do.

-I'm also an anxious mess that will occasionally tie themselves into mental knots you couldn't have foreseen, but I don't want to inconvenience you with those in the first place anyway.

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Figure I may as well show my bat fursona Pepijn to those interested here. Unfortunately I haven't drawn him much (or in mildly NSFW things) so these will have to do:

-Part of their reference sheet
-Unfinished piece that I also made my avatar out of
-Sketch I really like that I photographed poorly just now
-Secret Santa gift by Olimpt on Reddit

And tagging and should anyone use those

money(-), request for assistance 

um. so hey

i just heard back from the shop i took my car to and the price they quoted me to make it able to pass inspection is roughly $1200, which is well beyond both my expectation and anything we could conceivably afford. i um. i'm not good at asking for help, but i think i really need it right now. i'll try my very best to pay back anything you can spare me, i just can't eat this kind of cost right now

thank you in advance. i'm sorry

abuse, mental health, asking for help 

Hi. My girlfriend is a disabled and autistic trans woman living with her abusive and controlling family in Madrid, Spain. She desperately wants to escape, but she has very little autonomy and resources, and she can't survive on her own. Her situation and abuse often prevents her from reaching out to people, and she has very little legal documentation. She doesn't need donations, but she does need local resources and support.

What will happen to @lizardsquid when I introduce her to the extended family.

Several good quotes in that video to take out of context too. :D

Death related 

Idea: commission a canopic urn in the shape of your fursona. :D

request for money 

My bank account is overdrawn by $40 and we're gradually running out of food.

Toss us a few kofi's to help pay back what we owe?

The way Twine 2 saves stories seems like the biggest BS and I don't like that I don't have manual control over it.

I hope twine is easy, I just had a dumb idea that I want to see exist. :3

So what if we had breeds of goats to the same variety as we have dogs?

Lap sized goats
Man sized goats

Fluffy goats!

(I'm pretty sure there already are fluffy goats. I mean fluffier than that. Clouds of baahing fur.)

PSA-ish? silly drawing. 

Did you know that our precious Janet (@chao) is a movie star? Here's the poster for Chao In Space V: Planet Janet!

I love you Janet, I hope others do toooooo...

Drew this on the train trips today as a stream of consciousness thing, and also inked the thing on them for once. I think my thickest fineliner is a bit broken.

We all know and love the grim reaper, but what if they had a counterpart?

The jovial reaper?
The pastel reaper?
The grin reaper?

Prooobably not getting this drawing done before daylight goes completely...oh well.

Date idea, silly 

Painting a fresco covering a wall of your living space with your polycule's fursonas.

Good morning, I'm thinking about Sonic lore.

Weird Sonic lore.

LB how did I make that one so sweet?

Must be the subjects... :P

Kinktober day 30: Exhausted 

Day 30 - Exhausted: Silvia (@SilviaFox) is nothing if not willing to exert herself for her Queen. Cynder (@Cynder) is nothing if not a safe place for her to (nearly) fall asleep afterwards.



Somewhat wish Cynder had a ref sheet for this one. Lots of blank spaces that maybe should have had markings.

(joking here, but also exhausted: my hand and pen, after covering most of the drawing in a fine hatching for Cynder's skin.)

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