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For the record (and to pin, likely) I don't mind long response delays at all, from hours to a few days but I don't expect them much unless we've done this before or agreed on it.

So please don't worry much about taking too long responding. Let me know if you prefer to take your time, as I like to have an idea what to expect.

Now I'm as of yet still in a small circle, so maybe it doesn't help with any of you; your timelines might go too quickly burying it and/or you'd forget...but still.

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Hi my first post was more than 6 months ago and bad so here goes:

-I like creative stuff, doing drawing and writing myself (show me your stuff!) and being affectionate to people. Also games, how they work and what makes them do what they do.

-I'm also an anxious mess that will occasionally tie themselves into mental knots you couldn't have foreseen, but I don't want to inconvenience you with those in the first place anyway.

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Figure I may as well show my bat fursona Pepijn to those interested here. Unfortunately I haven't drawn him much (or in mildly NSFW things) so these will have to do:

-Part of their reference sheet
-Unfinished piece that I also made my avatar out of
-Sketch I really like that I photographed poorly just now
-Secret Santa gift by Olimpt on Reddit

And tagging and should anyone use those

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I hope you all can find out who you are and come to terms with that.

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New avi, Body horror? (lots of ellipses, I don't know if screen readers handle that well?) Show more

New avi, Body horror? (lots of ellipses, I don't know if screen readers handle that well?) Show more

Bat video: "she's very very placid but she does like to show everybody her teeth."

Bats are great everyone.

I think we can pretty safely say that I managed to do as I set out. :P

Good morning

Time to get some good amount of sleep (as in, not 5 hours)

Good night.

I might have to try writing a little thing tomorrow...

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did u kno: you can post on it too!
seriously signing up is easy (not even an email is required) and its not like you have to use the same username you use here or anywhere else. be you. be someone else. be whoever you want for all i care

come join the not-social-media revolution

me when i'm copying something down and the source material has a spelling error: sick

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