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💫 Doctor Who Guide 💫

Want to watch Classic Doctor Who, but only the best stuff?

Check out my guide!


What about the audio dramas?

I've got a guide for those too!


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Mornington Nomic (a Make-As-You-Play game set on the London Underground) has now been updated to version 6!

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openmw (morrowind) – list of mods 

[ Anthology Solstheim ]: moves Solstheim to be further North, where it should be

[ Armored Robes ]: a bunch of robes that also count as light armor

[ Banners With Sound ]: adds flapping sounds to banners

[ Better Cephalopod Armor ]: Makes the cephalopod armor look even cooler

[ Better Dialogue Font ]: No more blurry text

[ Blight Bounties ]: The temple will pay you for getting rid of blighted creatures

[ Clear Your Name ]: Adds more ways to clear your name

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*definitely played Dragon Age voice* my favourite part of Dragon Age is when the main character says "What's with all these dragons these days? It's like we're in some kind of dragon age."

re: maths terminology question's the median, of course it's the median

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maths terminology question 

is there a special name for the 50th percentile?

(I want to annotate a spreadsheet that uses the 50th percentile, and something shorter would be nice)

re: board games 

I loved how it represented how bloodborne feels and plays without just being a boring simulation, I love that it has different stories in it and different campaigns.

I think probably my only issue with it is that there are so many aspects to the game that it was very easy to forget about a rule, and then realise we'd done it wrong a few turns later.

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board games 

I played the bloodborne board game with some friends last night, it was fantastic

The people of The Tower had not known danger for generations.

Conflicts, never more than raised voices, were quickly mediated.

Wounds and illness were soothed within moments, and never life-threatening.

But the restless few sought experiences unavailable within the walls.

Most returned with a greater appreciation for safety, while others thrived in the world beyond, only visiting every so often, with exciting scars and wild stories.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

video games 

I miss having a PS4... I want to play bloodborne again

Commission for LIghtninBeatz!

Being an adult means making your own choices and understanding that you can totally get a gigantic teddy bear whenever you want to.

#furry #transartist #queerartist #mastoart

-10 degrees today, everything is covered in ice. Perfect time for lots of #tea (and #dragons, always dragons)

Selfie, eye contact, boosts ok, #FFF 

Haven't posted a fresh selfie (or for FFF) in a while so you get this rare one =u=

Face is dry af, thanks winter,,,

I'm still cute tho


Please look at this amazing commission of my koboldsona by @firstprogenitor !!!!!!! Look how cute she is!!! I'm dying!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Lord of the Rings, positive, behind the scenes [2] 

Also: the chainmail loops were made from an industrial hose, which was light and made of plastic, but it looked like real metal, which meant the actors could wear the chainmail without it being super heavy.

Also also: every sword was made 4 times - once as a real sword, then once as a "scale sword", for doing the whole "hobbits are small" thing, then again as a rubber safety sword, then again as a liteweight sword for the fast action scenes.

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Lord of the Rings, positive, behind the scenes [1] 

I'm watching some behind the scenes stuff about the lord of the rings movies, and holy heck they did so much more than I thought they did.

They got *actual armor smiths and a sword smith* to smith the armor and swords, in forges they had in their workshop.

They had 2 people who spent the entire 3 years just sitting in a room making chainmail links (and they interviewed one of them and he was like "this is the most amazing thing I've ever done")

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