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☄ Classic Doctor Who ☄

Want to watch Classic Doctor Who, but don't want to slog through the boring episodes?

Check out my guide!

Now with updated recommendations for the first 4 seasons! That's 169 episodes!

oh yeah also: stuff has been worked out so our power won't be disconnected, so I'll still be around! ♥

I was just informed that we're getting our power cut off tomorrow, so I might not be here for a while

Stay safe, and I hope you all have a wonderful few days ♥

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Mastodon doesn't punish you for living your life.

It doesn't actively take metrics of your interactions to gauge your social or cultural capital.

Never will it demand that you post this much to be or stay relevant to the community, disappearing into the void if you don't meet The Quota.

So please, for the love of toot, take breaks whenever you feel you need to! We'll be here when you get back! :patcat:

also who the heck decided it should be called pull request, that's the worst and most confusing possible name for it

i really love making pixel avatars and @Saxxon was really interested in a pixel avatar and so here we are!

had so much fun with this!! :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart:

i posted this to my pixelfed account ( but i just love this picture so much so here it is again

i *adore* this train
i adore the physical rolling stock
i adore the wilderness it runs through
i adore the fact that at the other end of the train is someone i love dearly.

& i just love this shot. i was in the last car, so i was able to catch it through the window

the lighting is really pretty too. i didnt use any filters, its just naturally like that

aw darn. my tv got all untextured. now what am i supposed to do in this weather

whenever you say this is “your favorite thing” we all know its your second favorite because everyones one true favorite thing is Minecraft

i'm the totally-covered-in-scales shark who thinks fluffy sharks are great

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@ConfusedImp Fun fact: while this is one of the strongest grammatical rules in English, there is one exception: when two successive words are sufficiently close to reduplication with altered vowels, front close vowels always precede back open vowels. Hence "big bad wolf" instead of "bad big wolf".

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