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💫 Doctor Who Guide 💫

Want to watch Classic Doctor Who, but only the best stuff?

Check out my guide!


What about the audio dramas?

I've got a guide for those too!


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Mornington Nomic (a Make-As-You-Play game set on the London Underground) has now been updated to version 6!

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openmw (morrowind) – list of mods 

[ Anthology Solstheim ]: moves Solstheim to be further North, where it should be

[ Armored Robes ]: a bunch of robes that also count as light armor

[ Banners With Sound ]: adds flapping sounds to banners

[ Better Cephalopod Armor ]: Makes the cephalopod armor look even cooler

[ Better Dialogue Font ]: No more blurry text

[ Blight Bounties ]: The temple will pay you for getting rid of blighted creatures

[ Clear Your Name ]: Adds more ways to clear your name

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commissions are open!

im limiting requests to three (3) due to my immediate situation


prices start at:

Lines/Greyscale: $5

Full Colour: $20
Lighting: $25

NSFW requests: $50
Lighting: $70

#commissions #fediart #mastoart #furry #furryArt #art #artwork

📝 i can be contacted via Mastodon DMs, Discord (fairydoctor#7206) or email (please ask)

I had an idea for a colorful glittery Vaporeon. Looks kind of mid-2000s-core maybe? idk, gay

#art #mastoart #furryart #pokemon

I just found this video on my phone. I saved it in 2018 for this very moment when I knew you would need to see it. Sound on....

The idea of making any man happy just by showing him a pair of tits is ridiculous. ANYBODY would grin at the right pair of tits.

a humble interpretation.

it's kind of amazing it's taken this long for me to straight up be like "here's my read on a creature"

#kobold #fediart #dailydraw

Adding "lol" to the end of your sentence is an ancient ritual to ward off existential dread lol

Cat, vocalizing: meow
Me: ...did you just say the word meow
Cat, emitting: meow
Me: why did that noise emerge from your stomach, what weirdness is afoot
Cat, hungry: meows
Me: ah yes

today there was a huge storm... and the power went out just as I got home

Visited some friends tonight and I'm feeling so much more relaxed

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