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Mornington Nomic (a Make-As-You-Play game set on the London Underground) has now been updated to version 6!

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A dragon landed outside the village. "Feed me," it demanded.
The elders conferred, then one stepped up. "What do you wish to eat?"
"Eh? Nobody has ever asked... What is there, apart from what every village feeds me?"
"Er... We have potatoes?"
"Then feed me these 'potatoes'!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

(my difficulty with this is that my brain wants to see the ɻ and p as a single combined symbol, when they actually aren't)

levelhead looks really cool - it's a 2d platformer game about making your own levels and sharing them with other players:

(seizure warning for the video - there are a bunch of quick cuts)

unfortunately, it's quite expensive...

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it’s time to tip the scales

i say, tripping a dragon and running for my life

me: *busy cleaning*
my brain: you should make a minecraft clone in haskell

@lizardsquid Unfortunately it's almost never actually true. Every couple of years someone claims to have cracked the thing, although none of them have ever bothered to do anything like, say, produce a translation or earn the consensus of other scholars.

The kicker for me was "The solution to the codex of MS408 was developed over a 2-week period". Two weeks, you say! Gosh, it really sounds like he labored long and hard over this. Outsider decipherments do occur (Linear B was cracked by an architect), but they still take years of careful work and collaboration with other scholars. Even Champollion (Egyptian Hieroglyphic) or Michael Ventris (the Linear B guy) didn't do it alone. In *two weeks*.

I just read a somewhat convincing claim that the Voynich manuscript has been translated:

...and then a very convincing explanation of how that's not actually true:

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