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hey, if you want me to stop interacting with you, you can just ask... I'll be sad, but I will stop

I don't want you to be uncomfy

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I need to unfollow people for my own sake, there's too much on my timeline.

If I unfollow you, I'm sorry for doing that to you

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... I have 66 icons to manage so far, wow. :/

- 18 icons I configured to do nothing but look pretty (by running `true` if clicked)
- 48 icons that actually do things when clicked
- also, 5 programs running in windows that look like icons

I ended up writing a shellscript to help me manage them all (so much for not being as hard as it looks), because I'm definitely not done moving them around and adding more.

Stephan's Quintet is a cluster of 4 galaxies with a fifth galaxy closer and in the line of sight. It is one of the first compact galaxy groups discovered.

I am so close to liking this icon theme I'm working on well enough to call it ready to write about. Whole screen, left-edge icons, and top-edge icons.

(Wallpaper: "Chakats on the Beach" by rickgriffin )

(Also, I like sailorhg's fairyfloss editor theme too much: - - and that's why I turned my xterm pastel purple, which I also need to share.)


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I need to make backups again, but I think my portable hard drive broke

and my backups are around 100GB

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I completely forgot that shockwave was a thing


did you know: i was once an undertale character

sleeby squishy lizard goes to snooze

here's a writing protip: don't use microsoft word

and if you do

turn off all that garbage autoformatting bollocks. sure it looks nice, but hooooly fuck it will cause you SO MUCH PAIN down the road.

Don't believe me? well... hope you like, best case scenario, �s all through your document.

or worse, no character at all. just a character that doesn't LOOK like it exists, but it actually does.

or even worse... non displaying characters that cause other characters to not display too.