re: morrowind | 5 

Ah wonderful old balmora...

And with Arkngthand looming in the distance, inspiring adventure but also peril...

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re: morrowind | 4 

A thick fog descended over the bitter coast at night, making travel treacherous. Even in the early morning light, it is still difficult to see much...

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re: morrowind | 3 

I love that you can see the mainland from Seyda Neen (assuming you have the view distance turned up)

It completely changes the feel of Seyda Neen - instead of a horrible swamp town on the edge of a vast ocean, it now feels like a horrible swamp town that's just part of something bigger.

It also makes your arrival there make sense - the ship is actually travelling to somewhere better nearby, they've just stopped at Seyda Neen quickly to dump you off...

(I hope Jiub is ok...)

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re: morrowind | 2 

I had forgotten that the prison ship at the beginning has actual bones and skulls in it... what the heck happened on this ship that allowed people to just turn into skeletons???

And why weren't they just thrown overboard on the journey???

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grel, drawing of a gun 

Fact: The Grel are great
Good Fact: I love the Grel
Bad Fact: The Grel only appear in 2 more Doctor Who episodes (after the one I heard today)

re: Genshin impact | 3 

Here's an image I found online... it's such a good dragon design!!!!!

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vtuber, multiple eyes, eye contact 

I just found a vtuber with 4 eyes!
Their model is so cute!!!

conlang (yobo wugu dan) 

My handwriting is bad, but I wanted to share this phrase from my conlang.

re: board game (18xx) kickstarter 

Also: look at this beautiful image the publisher commissioned for the rulebook!

(Trains rusting and becoming obsolete is a major part of the 18xx series, and it's really great to have some train art for that!)

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board game (18xx) kickstarter 

Shikoku: 1889 is finally on kickstarter!

And it looks so wonderful!!!

I am very happy that the screen-printed tokens stretch goal has been met, because that means the train company logos will be printed directly onto the tokens (rather than me having to put so many stickers onto all the tokens before we can even play).

morrowind screenshots (openmw, lots of mods) [7] 

Now THIS is the kind of plant display that I'd love to have in my living room!

(sorry about the darkness of the image)

[ Image: some very spindly and spiny plants, in a round area with ash-y dirt ]

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morrowind screenshots (openmw, lots of mods) [6] 

I managed to get quite the caravan

[Image: a dirt road through some gentle hills, showing my followers. The closest is an Imperial man, behind him is a dunmer merchant, and following the merchant is a pack guar (a large bipedal animal, with scaley skin and clawed feet, with a head like a whale's.) ]

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morrowind screenshots (openmw, lots of mods) [5] (cw: mention of slavery and religion, eye contact, physical injury (fictional)) 

Before I go to bed: here's my character. Her name is Tahli Nulvyn, she's a Pilgrim of the Tribunal Temple, trying to reconcile her hatred of slavery with her belief that the Dunmer should be allowed to continue with their traditional ways and beliefs.

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morrowind screenshots (openmw, lots of mods) [4] 

Ah yes, an archipelago of dungeons.

[Image: a picture of an archipelago. On the left is an island that contains a daedric shrine - a strange collection of weirdly angled buildings. On an area behind that, there are some dead trees. There are 2 empty islands in the middle foreground, and behind them in the distance can be seen a dwemer (steampunk) ruin. On the right, an island with some very large mushrooms]

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morrowind screenshots (openmw, lots of mods) [3] 

Glittering lights from the docks

[Image: a rather dark image, taken at midnight. In view is a narrow river, a small barge ready to transport its cargo away. behind the barge is a clay building - the Balmora Docks and warehouse. The docks are all lit up with an array of lanterns. A silt strider sits to the other side of the docks. Above the river, a natural rock archway curves, providing a circular framing to the whole image.]

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