Andy and Cove got married and many of their friends are there to celebrate this special day wtih them.

Poster illustration for Anthro Northwest
Digital. Photoshop / Procreate

Do any #tabletopgaming folks know of any system-agnostic roleplay supplements? Things like settings, item and character descriptions, or other tools that help you generate flavour for a campaign?

@GloKat Hi Adri!

VHS stuff is cool, and I love terrible movies (sometimes a lot more than movies that are "good")

@hammerhead yeah!!!!!

I want to decorate my home with stuff, but I don't want to decorate it with _christmas_ stuff

re: morrowind | 7 (cw: religion (general)) 

I think it's a really cool piece of worldbuilding, that the empire's religion is called a "cult", in the same way that Daedra worshippers are part of a "daedric cult".

Especially in contrast to the primary Dunmer religion, which is referred to as "the temple" or "the tribunal temple".

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re: morrowind | 6 (cw: religion (general)) 

now I get to have a conversation with my favourite Balmora resident: Hul.
She's an argonian pauper, and I've always felt a kinship to her.

Something I've been reminded of is that this game refers to the religion of the empire as "The Imperial Cult".
Unlike Oblivion and Skyrim, which just refer to it as the "Church" or as the "Eight divines/Nine divines", in the morrowind province it's a foreign religion that is less commonly followed.

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re: morrowind | 5 

Ah wonderful old balmora...

And with Arkngthand looming in the distance, inspiring adventure but also peril...

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re: morrowind | 4 

A thick fog descended over the bitter coast at night, making travel treacherous. Even in the early morning light, it is still difficult to see much...

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re: morrowind | 3 

I love that you can see the mainland from Seyda Neen (assuming you have the view distance turned up)

It completely changes the feel of Seyda Neen - instead of a horrible swamp town on the edge of a vast ocean, it now feels like a horrible swamp town that's just part of something bigger.

It also makes your arrival there make sense - the ship is actually travelling to somewhere better nearby, they've just stopped at Seyda Neen quickly to dump you off...

(I hope Jiub is ok...)

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re: my impression of dracula if he was one of those guys who says "quote unquote" all the time 

@monorail bleurgh, I vant to suck your (quote unquote) "blood"


@BatElite @softgoat I remember reading this in a bible study group once, and being so confused about what the message was supposed to be

re: morrowind | 2 

@BatElite one of the great joys of Morrowind is that there's so much stuff to see that you never see all of it in a single playthrough - which is why I love replaying it. But now that I've seen almost all of the game, TR's areas give me new places to visit

(The areas added by TR were planned to be in the original game, but the developers realised they didn't have enough time and restricted themselves to just a single island. Then the modders stepped in to rebuild the rest)

re: morrowind | 2 

@BatElite (There's a map here:

Which shows the current TR progress. The areas labelled "2002" and "2003" are the vanilla game, the other areas are parts of the mod/WIP areas coming in a future release)

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