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Hi, my name is Chel! I'm a scatterbrained bunny, here in an attempt at being sociable and maybe even making a friend or two.

If you're interested in reading a bit more about me and my interests, feel free to take a peek here:

Also, feel free to poke me and say hello! I don't bite~

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Actual convo last Sunday:

*watching some crows outside Arby's*

Hubby: I love crows, they're so cute and smart. They won't let the seagulls get near their fries

Me: Hello, 911, I'd like to report a Murder :bloblewd:

*a cop car pulls up, crows scatter*

Hubby: Cheese it, it's the feds! They've come to arrest the crows for fry thievery!

Me: It's okay, I'm their attorney. I'm an expert in Bird Law.

*end scene*

Now attempting sleep, take two. Wish us luck!

Y’all should have pinned introduction toots so I can fave them when I click into your profiles for the first time :blobthinking:

Crows are friends. Mice as well, along with all the others. (Bunnies are the best though, no bias)

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I need all of the coffee on the planet. pls. :blobbuncoffee2:

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yah know, i just wanna say that i appreciate all the bunnies, mice, and birds of the fediverse - y'all are too cute :0

I swear, I'm too boring to have anything meaningful, interesting, or otherwise amusing to say here most of the time 👀

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hot take? burning things down Show more

Feeling a bit less dead at the moment, which is a pleasant change from the bulk of the day. :blobsleepless:

dysphoria, - Show more

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We now have an extended code of conduct! Show more

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Hey you beautiful lot, I've moved! Please add @sophia instead.

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python frameworks. on the brain.

flask, django. flask. django. django. flask. a flask of django. a django of flask. wait no. that doesn't seem to work as well. bottles, tornados,

i think i'll use a flask of django filled with tornadoes, web pies, and bottles.

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Family drama sucks upvote to agree downvote to not disagree

Any time I pull out my drawing tablet and attempt to doodle anything, my control, a, and delete keys get one hell of a workout. :blobfacepalm:

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want to do development work, but I put windows on everything in one of my "I am giving up coding" moments that turned out to be bullshit

no really. i put windows on everything. my storage drive. my os drive (ofc). my game drive. my sex drive. all the cars i might drive. i put windows on my shoes. on my phone. on my switch. on my everything. even on my wife. im sorry @Chel

so. now, i need to undo this. how can i cure a windows infestation? vms are too laggy for me, btw.

I'd like to wish my PC monitor a happy 10th birthday.

She's put up with a lot since 2008, including over half a dozen apartment moves across two states and four cities, as well as countless hours displaying all sorts of sites, games, chats, images, movies, and the like.

If she could talk, she'd have a lot of stories to tell. To be honest, I'm kind of happy that she can't. 🤷

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snaps my fingers with the infinity gauntlet on and now every holiday song about het romance is replaced by songs about healthy and queer love

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