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Hi, my name is Chel! I'm a scatterbrained bunny, here in an attempt at being sociable and maybe even making a friend or two.

If you're interested in reading a bit more about me and my interests, feel free to take a peek here:

Also, feel free to poke me and say hello! I don't bite~

who do I gotta pay/kill to have an active forum with masto-level queerness :blobhyperthink:

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what are some good vr apps that can run on old gpus? preferably free

got a headset last month, and i probably need to branch out from beatsaber and superhot vr 😅

what are some good vr apps that can run on old gpus? preferably free

got a headset last month, and i probably need to branch out from beatsaber and superhot vr 😅


when I'm high I just turn into a complete and utter cuddleslut desperate for physical contact of any sort 😅

man we picked Quite A Time to move back to portland

been a little draining. havent really had social spoons to speak of for a while now partially as a result >_>

one of my greatest hopes is that forums someday take off again.

...I am thankfully well and thoroughly accustomed to disappointment 😅

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White leftists will never cease to impress with their ability to be insanely dumb as fuck

wish i had an easier time reaching out to folks and connecting with them >_>;


i think my favorite lazy food has become rice mixed with a bunch of kimchi, gochujang, and garlic. perfect for those low spoon days

of which there have been many, despite not having much going on atm for obvious reasons Dx

animal crossing and slay the spire have ended up becoming the timesinks of the month. gonna need to diversify though ;_;

the whole lockdown bit makes me wish I hadn't already burned hundreds of hours into my favorite roguelikes already 😅

a good vr headset would be useful right around now :blobsleepless:

I need to get better at not spending hours every day reading/watching the news 😓

waking up early and impatiently waiting for something to open? it's not just irl anymore ;_;

*gently shakes fist in animal crossing's direction*


waking up early, fueled by being too anxious to go back to sleep 😎

animal crossing music has entered my brain and is refusing to leave

(also is new leaf worth playing/does it emulate well? tempted to give it a try at some point)

currently really wishing i'd gone ahead and taken my phone to an apple store for repair two months ago like i'd originally planned

instead i'm stuck at home with a phone that only detects touch on the bottom half of the screen all thanks to the power of procrastination 😅

I guess I could jump back into mabinogi and mindlessly grind my face off if nothing else :blobwoah:

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I need to come up with additional time sinks in addition to animal crossing :blobthinking:

things i'm looking forward to: having the chance to pull my old CRT HDTV out of my parent's basement at some point, where it was stored when I moved out in 2012

...just need to get to the point at which we have space for a big 200 pound plastic box to sit around in @_@

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