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Hi, my name is Chel! I'm a scatterbrained bunny, here in an attempt at being sociable and maybe even making a friend or two.

If you're interested in reading a bit more about me and my interests, feel free to take a peek here:

Also, feel free to poke me and say hello! I don't bite~

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when a white person says that they're "color blind" in response to discussion about racism, they think that they're saying "i am a tolerant person."

however, what they're actually saying is "i can't see racism, so i won't acknowledge it", which is a really messed up way to look at the world

closing our eyes and putting our heads in the sand doesn't make something go away. racism is here to stay until it is acknowledged, explicitly called out by name, and strongly addressed in every community.

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i need a bed in a temporal vortex so that i can sleep forever and wakeup when i feel like it

@scarly 's love of explosions in video games is often her undoing

Watching @scarly play Breath of the Wild for the firs time is just like... a complete joy 😁

(especially since she's emulating it with the Linkle mod, making it even more delightful)

I feel like the one thing that Log Horizon really gave me was the desire to randomly chant "database, database, just living in the database" whenever Scarly starts talking about db stuff.

This just in: I am certifiably terrible at the RE2 DLC.

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Lesbiaboard is back online!

Lesbiaboard is a web 1.0-inspired forum based on forked ABXD3.0 software aimed at transbians, lesbians, lgbt and likeminded people! Come say hi!

Tetris 99 has basically consumed me and become an addiction

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You might not have known this, but Link's Awakening is the best Zelda game they have ever made

I am going to be insufferable when it comes out

Sorry 😒

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an urchin in fallen london: "'Ello. People are wonderin' 'ow they should address you. Let us know, and we'll pass the word around."

one of the options: "Your question is unnecessary."

clarification on that option: If you enjoy people being unsure how to address you, this option will result in you being addressed as 'ah, Si-, er, Mad-, er, yes', regardless of context.

this game rules

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Do not underestimate how serious I am about Link's Awakening, when I had to go out of town one time for the whole day, instead of bringing my 3DS or anything (switch didnt exist yet) I brought my Gameboy Color and Links Awakening

My art style is partially inspired by the game

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your daily reminder that the sudden elimination of a capitalist state will not address homophobia, racism, ableism, and other implicit biases

even if the revolution was tomorrow, we would still have work to do to get to an actually equitable world

one of the reasons that white anarchists frustrate me is this belief that if you topple the state, the goodness of people will float up and all that pesky racism stuff will melt away.

this is a dangerous belief. the revolution doesn't end at revolt.

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good morning, everyone

bun is tired, a little sore(???), and a bit groggy, but otherwise pretty decent. this apartment is freezing, though

hope y’all are doing well today :blobheart:

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Sunless Skies is so good... One of my engineers is an enby. The other is a pack of polyamorous rats.

tired bun is tired and exhausted, but functional... though performance may be slightly compromised throughout the day.

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hot take: tribes ascend was fun for four levels when everyone was using the disc shooter

at level 5 you get put into the next skill level up so matchmaking puts you with the people using the weapons that aren't /technically/ hitscan but are so fast that they might as well be

(that was the case when i played it at least, which was ages ago)

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