hello all :abunhdhop:​ im new! i'm a femboy who's into open-source software and learning how to code. i'm currently making a neocities website and i'm confused but the internet is helping

@Collar welcome! :•) i’m def a novice but there is a great template maker in my credits on my site that i used for my general skeleton. there are lots of useful resources online if you know what to look up, too. if you have any questions, feel free to reach out and i will try my best to help you 💗

@ultraloveheaven thank you! i'm using a premade layout but i lowkey want to change it because it doesn't feel unique to me yknow? so i'll def check out the template maker once im back on desktop!

@Collar the customization is the fun of it! honestly, fucking around is how i’ve done a lot of my customization, just trial and error. i’m excited to see your site! :•)

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