would love it if someone could link/recommend some ways to get started with . i realized yesterday that im incapable of feeling hope and i'd like to rectify that.

the angel in my system is pretty sad about my feelings but tbh div should know better than to expect me to be optimistic :blobnervous:

@Collar This isn't strictly solarpunk, but personally my mood was lifted via and the climate optimist newsletter, as well as following on green tech stuff on youtube.

@alxd @Collar @solarpunkpresents @solarpunkcast @SolarpunkPrompts start with doing small things. Cook for a larger group of friends. Bake. Grow plants (even if it is just experimental because you do not have the space). Guerilla gardening.

Thanks for recommending us, @alxd ! We try to showcase a diversity of folks who are involved in making life just that little bit better for the people around them and the world in general. Laying the foundations for the solarpunk society to come, so to speak. We hope it's inspirational for folks to be able to think about what they can do, and feel empowered that way.

@Collar Start by reading the novel A Psalm for the Wild-Built if you haven't already 💚 it is truly a balm for the soul

@Collar I really love the book The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. It's the first book in a delightful series. I reread parts of it when i want to read something that makes me happy.

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