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fediverse, recommend me a game engine suitable for a beginner to make a simple 2D game in

boosts appreciated :boost_ok:

@LaserScheme construct 2 will probs sort you. has a decent free version.

i reckon you could probably find a pretty cheap key for clickteam fusion 2.5 as well

@LaserScheme if you want to go the fully free route you can take your chances with godot but i cant actually personally recommend it out of not having used it yet

@LaserScheme well, depending on how simple you mean by simple, bitsy at its basics is very easy to understand and work with, although many would call it too basic without modifying "hacks"

describing my experiences with LÖVE, Bitsy, and PICO-8 Show more

re: describing my experiences with LÖVE, Bitsy, and PICO-8 Show more

@LaserScheme I would second LÖVE and Godot

also unity, if you don't mind using it.
asset library is large and sometimes nice

@LaserScheme gamemaker is pretty good, though it's the only one i've used so i can't speak as to its suitability relative to others. still, it's what got me into making games in the first place and is definitely powerful enough to do anything you might want while still being simple enough to not be overwhelming. however, it isn't open source and can be quite pricey.

if i wasn't planning to graduate to a compiled language once i'm finished with my current projects, i'd probably check out godot.

@LaserScheme either game maker studio or click team fusion. or Godot

@LaserScheme never underestimate the power of RPG Maker

@LaserScheme I’ve used gamemaker, pico 8, and godot. I think game maker was probably the best balance of features and beginner friendliness but godot is pretty robust and open source which i like a lot!

@LaserScheme rpgmaker is fantastic for story driven puzzley games

could you share some more about what kind of 2D game you'd like to make? A puzzler, platformer, shmup, fighter, RPG?
Also, do you have any prior other programming experience?

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