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building the new furry corner minecraft server's spawn building with @natalie and @LaserScheme and it's the gayest thing ever i love it

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thanks amazon for emailing me to see if i'm interested in buying the elf bowling movie, really appreciate it

today i learned that wet newspaper tends to not hold onto its ink

*slaps roof of a persons hand* this bad boy can fit so many satchels in it

heard the words 'duck science' on a tv ad last night and i don't know what that means but sign me up

how do i make my spinny chair more comfy and less garbo?

are there any video games that have an elevator sequence within a train level?

@maple comes installed with a MiniDisc player by default

Colin's Bear Animation is an artefact of great healing power

songs that my brain decided to try and distract me with today while driving:
that Happy Happy Joy Joy song from Ren & Stimpy
Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary
Noodles Can't Be Beat from PaRappa the Rapper 2
Erik Satie - GymnopΓ©die No.1
the Buck Bumble theme
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 5
Billy Idol - Hot In The City

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