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Well, it's just past the middle of the month, which means that I could use a hand financially. If you can help out, either by giving or boosting, I'd appreciate it. ❀️

The Emoji Movie and Jumanji crossover, Emojumanji

lifehack: have one of a thing but need more? just cut it in half to get two smaller, lower quality copies of it! repeat as necessary

quick update to this: yep, still gay of the hella variety

anyone know of an internet radio station that just plays wind chime noises?

uh huh, there sure are a lot of pieces to this tiny AT-ST

next up, sometime?, another licensed model, an AT-ST from Star Wars

...i have a feeling the legs on this thing are going to make my hands just cease to exist from effort

guns, a metal model that has one on it Show more

hey folks, i think goombas should be allowed to have arms, ok thank you for your time

in the immortal words of axl rose, "gimme some reggae"

food Show more

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