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count every character in that toot for a surprise

what up gaymers? comin' atcha with a hot new cuh-ray-zee tip

when someone online brings on a powerfeel and an irresistible urge to smash right on those sweet 'puter keys, forget most of that normal, boring keyboard biz!

we all know saving on precious frames is important, so to get that pro g-g-g-gaymer keysmash speedrun exp, go slam down a handworth of digits on that numpad for even faster keysmashability and feels

let πŸ‘ buzzy πŸ‘ beetles πŸ‘ stand πŸ‘ upright πŸ‘

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ah yes, the notable home computer family, the Apple Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket series

Did you know: @maple's instance,, dates back to the 70s? I unearthed a classic logo from those early days:

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does cr1tikal look like an younger mr. regular or is mr. regular and older cr1tikal

why does the internet have to keep showing me those godsdamn long furbies?

if you haven't thought about puffins today, you should

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