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sometimes i wonder if hardcore audiophiles even know why they listen to music

more movies should do what Escape from L.A. did and have a surfing scene slapped in there for fun

they should combine euro truck sim 2 and american truck sim into one game and put in a really long bridge that goes between the two areas

been playing Yakuza 6 and after talking to a character i then needed to walk completely normally and unhindered up some stairs to talk to a different character and the game blasted me in all caps the goal of "INFILTRATE THE SECOND FLOOR" like come on now it's not that exciting

why does every photo of a puffin look AI generated what the hell is going on???

i think social media would be better if the character limits worked like the signs in minecraft

for a society that's obsessed with car parks there sure doesn't seem to be many that are well designed

they're never roads that are dangerous to be at or difficult to travel through – you could easily drive on them or walk along their paths no problem

they're not roads that lead nowhere or don't seem to have a purpose – they always have a clear point to them and connect A to B

but somehow the ambiance these streets give off just seems wrong

it feels like if you tried to use them reality itself would decide that was a universally incorrect action and prevent you from going any further

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poking around on google maps street view and sometimes i come across these weird streets that don't feel like they're supposed to be traversed at all


for the second time now, twitter locked my account out of nowhere the moment i clicked a follow button because apparently using the website as intended is suspicious/rule breaking

writing a prompt for an AI generated image and then calling yourself an artist is like using an internet search engine and then saying that you're the one that put together the list of search results

i'm pretty sure i'm not hearing things wrong but has anyone else noticed that the Arkane Lyon startup logo in Deathloop has multiple different sounding musical stings?

i think they should make another planet so architects can design fucked up impossibly huge buildings and have them built there just to get it out of their systems

would a concourse in a mall or airport count as a room? or should those fall under a less specific sounding term like 'indoor area'?

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