want to feel old? this post you're reading right now came out 20 years ago

symbolic flora
a day of love acknowledged
the timeline flows

i see there's verse of flowers
like the violet and the rose
i'm not so good at poetry
so i'll leave it to the pros

or: How To Get A Bird To Vibrate In One Glorious Step

hfhhfhhhhfhfhhhgfhfh Hollow Knight sequel hhghghoaghrgauhrg;khrakg

mars rover complete, with some really fiddly bending and one unfixably loose part

also, i broke a piece right off that i then put back on with glue (interestingly, when i looked at the pictures of the completed model on the manufacturer's website, their's was broken in the same way as mine did!)

@rainwarrior i've also played the demo a while back and it seems pretty fun!

give me a mario mod where you can pet the buzzy beetles

@softgoat like Isabelle in whole just sitting on top of a helmetless varia suit?

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