i enjoyed pant and its sequel, pants, but now i'm wondering how they're going to iterate for the third one of those

I've reached the "ramen for every meal" portion of this month's poverty, which, as you can imagine, is not great for my sodium intake.

If you can help out, I'd really appreciate it. paypal.me/joyeusenoelle

@maple @natalie i may have gone a bit wild with the area outside the front of the spawn

building the new furry corner minecraft server's spawn building with @natalie and @LaserScheme and it's the gayest thing ever i love it

@KitRedgrave on the unlockable board it varies and can go up to 15 coins, but yeah on the other 3 boards it's all 10 coins

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thanks amazon for emailing me to see if i'm interested in buying the elf bowling movie, really appreciate it

@trashyfins it's a rainy day and some newspapers were delivered to the mailbox

today i learned that wet newspaper tends to not hold onto its ink

*slaps roof of a persons hand* this bad boy can fit so many satchels in it

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