now i'm double the gamererisationist

...why did i do this again?

mars rover complete, with some really fiddly bending and one unfixably loose part

also, i broke a piece right off that i then put back on with glue (interestingly, when i looked at the pictures of the completed model on the manufacturer's website, their's was broken in the same way as mine did!)

i bought another one because doing these are fun

this time, a Mars rover (either Spirit or Opportunity, i think?)

robot makes a new friend at the bottom of the sea

and here's the robot, ray, and rock with seaweed complete!

oh look, i have obtained a Lego!

(31090-1 Underwater Robot)

sci fi guns, a metal model that has some on it Show more

uh huh, there sure are a lot of pieces to this tiny AT-ST

guns, a metal model that has one on it Show more

well, it's a little wonky and scratched here and there but i did it

also also today, i have this thing
maybe it'll turn into something less flat soon

also today i now have an articulated wooden hand model for whatever reason

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