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i make music:

i make open source tech tools and toys:

i started the netizen club and the link cache, to help my yearning for a simpler internet:

i'm looking for work. if you know anyone who needs someone with 8+ years professional experience plumbing nearly any sort of bespoke tech, talk to me.

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mastodon in theory: decentralized twitter

mastodon in practice: what if we pooled ten different early-2000s opinionated web forums together into a thunderdome

i will bully every single nerd on this forsaken website until my timeline is cleansed

someone blocked me over complaining that linux doens't have bluetooth audio support i love the fediverse free software wins once again 😔 ✊

it's a really interesting design choice form canonical to still not have audio support in 2023 on

are you a "posts make less sense when your mental health is bad" online queer or are you a "posts make more sense when your mental health is bad" online queer

3. "Skeuomorphism sold the idea of using a touchscreen over physical buttons. Mission accomplished. Why bring it back now?"

Because when it looked good it looked fucking *good*. I want to eat Iconfactory's work. I want to pass my thumb over the classic Mac system settings icon and feel the marks left by the grinding wheel.

Sometimes "skeuomorphic" detail feels luxurious.

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thank you everybody who donated to us so far. i've posted another update to our fundraiser trying to get @Atatra and i living together once and for all. this is really important to us. pease help us reach more folks if you can.

I revisited an old mozilla hubs project which used lots of 3D models from Poly and... uh... everything's been replaced with this page

it's really not that hard to bridge cgi into fastcgi

Choosing a Mastodon instance is easy once you understand each instance’s values, customs, belief systems, and inter-instance alliances and feuds dating back 1,000 years.

men will literally try to reinvent CSS every year instead of going to therapy

if you see robot content you think i would like please don't show it to me all it'll do is give me dysphoria

im so tired. i want bad people to just leave me alone

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