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social media is anything but and mastodon has not ever been and will not ever be better than twitter or any similar contrived microblogging platform for as long as it retains the favourite button

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hi please hire me to make you pixels i'm broke and unemployed and i need the money thanks for having boosted this post already i know you won't have failed me 💜

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i make music:

i make open source tech tools and toys:

i started the netizen club and the link cache, to help my yearning for a simpler internet:

i'm looking for work. if you know anyone who needs someone with 8+ years professional experience plumbing nearly any sort of bespoke tech, talk to me.

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if you like a post where a person is talking about killing themselves that means that you like that that person wants to kill themselves, there is no other interpretation for the wording x has liked your post that i can infer in good faith and this is why i tell people not to like my negative posts unless they like that i'm in misery because if you want to convey anything else you have 26 letters and punctuation at your disposal

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get you a girl who will cuddle with you to the dulcet tones of steve1989mreinfo

Congratulations to CrowdStrike for reducing global CO2 emissions

In an unexpected turn of events, a sensible take on #Crowdstrike from the Orange Site.

" is not a or problem, it's a proprietary software problem" i didn't know xz was proprietary

Hey fellow #Linux users, despite #CrowdStrike only affecting #Windows, this is not really a windows problem.

This is an "automatic update that got forced onto everyone with insufficient testing while also having way too many permissions" problem.

If you think big corps wouldn't run something similar on Linux, I have a an NFT of a bridge to sell you.

every time i try to use inkscape it reminds me how easy it is to pirate illustrator

does inkscape have the concept of drawings that are line art and not fills because inkscape's bitmap trace function seems to suggest to me that we should still be pirating adobe on that one

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does inkscape crib illustrator's trace technical drawing function or do i have to pirate illustrator once again

thank you mini tool partition wizard i'm sure youre the leading specialist in ft232r usb uart windows 10

i tihnk the world would benefit better from not having so much influence from the united of states

he's like the opposite of "the worst person you know just made a great point"

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jason scott has done great things for archivism and undeniably good work but holy shit does he have old man yells at clouds moments lol

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