go follow me on twitter i got a 3d printer and i won't shut up about it also there's less club infighting than mastodon twitter.com/maplesbian

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anyway i just wanted to sip on the schadenfreude a little bit

destroy yourselves

Meta (basically aftershocks from October). 

Sure is A Fucking Thing how the lead admin of Elekk just decided to log into their Twitter for the first time in a few weeks to harass and slander someone who their instance's users and their friends chased off of the Fediverse.

Join an instance where, like, <β…” of the mod team actively harasses people based on outright lies.

And several other big name Irony Mastodon types, too.

Holy fuck. I know I've got most of them blocked, but great job, assholes.

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Hey, cool, Morgan from Elekk is also lying about stuff, on top of being racist!

Wow! What the fuck!

Hey, @noelle, do you mind doing something about multiple users from your instance firing up their Twitter alts to harass ex-Fediverse users?

…oh, you're participating in that?

Weird. :/

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