indoors, no light to speak of, and in a cheap plastic shit camera, not to mention home c41 processing in a bathroom sink. superia still pulls a picture off it

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does anyone have a good way for making 3d glassy shape stuff like the os x aqua wallpapers

just fucking around so far, no real practicality

ableton seems to be the only software to fully take advantage of the entire control surface, but the lights are all controlled over the MIDI protocol so in theory more software could be specially-tailored for this

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got a new midi controller so of course the first thing i do isn't use it for any musical reason but rather write a python script to control the rgb lights in it

as reported by a friend: EA launcher (née Origin)'s error reporter's character counter replaces "1/2" with "½"

hi please hire me to make you pixels i'm broke and unemployed and i need the money thanks for having boosted this post already i know you won't have failed me 💜

i'm running archlinux32 on a T42 using xf86-video-ati and mesa-amber, are the GL vertex glitches anything i can do something about?

we have interior details! beds and little cubby holes with gear!

bag 7 brings us cockpit materials and the last astronaut with... some assembly required...

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oh this is so clever!!

"The astronauts' beds are designed so they can lie down without taking their air tanks off."

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