is there some sort of free fairly basic pure midi editor with piano roll that functions like the ones from the 90s? my main experience making/editing midis was with Evolution MIDI which is mostly a cubase ripoff for win3.11 and searching for anything today either brings up expensive DAWs or opensource music sheet-only that needs big brains

Hey! Did you know I once put #Doom and #gameboy (playable!) on credit card machines? Or ported Wordle to #PalmOS ? I've been plumbing all sorts of #tech into all sorts of other tech professionally for almost a decade now (unprofesionally for 16 years!) with an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of computers and low-level embedded code. I can also do killer hand-crafted #webdesign without relying on platforms or frameworks! And I can draw you in #pixelart for a modest price!

I'm currently 99% unemployable due to being legally in Brazil and physically in the UK. I've been without a stable income for 2 years now and I desperately need something my way. If you know of any commission or contract work that won't bug me with where I am geographically, please let me know!

#fedihire #fedihired #getfedihired #jobsearch #jobseeking #jobhunting

i wish i could feel happy and content in the solid hard fact that i don't and will never understand and nobody can ever teach me, quaternions

It's Friday night, it's cold outside and I'm still working on that whole social life thing, so here's a long rambly thread about the 15-pin PC gameport and its historical significance, because it's something I want to practice writing about at length (if anyone was silly enough to give me a PhD for something, it'd be for this nonsense).

Feel free to mute this thread if that's not your thing - or if it is, bookmark it for later, or prepare to be en-knowledge-ified!

#retrocomputing #retrogaming

The cool part about living by myself is that I can make an absolute disgusting mess eating and nobody will know unless I broadcast it to several hundred people online

it is very interesting to me how in 2024 with fiber still loads just as slow as it did in 2007 on dialup on a pentium III

@Lydiee oh my goodness those computer shaped doodads were everywhere when i was younger, i remember one that was an FM radio

i always wanted it to be a real computer, this rules so much

The tiniest x86 PC you've ever seen! A real x86 SBC powers this DOSBox machine, crammed into a vintage pencil holder of the 90s. The battery pack ended up being external, I put a USBC port on the back. The tiny speaker plugs into the audio jack on the side. #lattepanda #retrogaming #retrocomputing

@NanoRaptor that VCR is my late aunt's - i'll do whatever in my power to keep it as long as i'm around. i have a great emotional attachment to it and other things i've inherited from her. she was the most supportive of my transition in my whole family.

@NanoRaptor when i first got my instax some number of years ago i tried to do something similar - stage a shot that looked like it was about 20 years out of date, with my dreamcast and PVM

it took me a while to get selfies right with the dinky mirror they give you near the lens

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