if you buy the Electric Zine Maker, or any of my other games today, i get 💯 of the 💰 because it’s itch.io creator day today! go 👉 alienmelon.itch.io
✨ buying my games, or just sharing them, is the best way to support me. same for other artists! gogogo!!! 🎉
#GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGame #IndieGames #Art

i'm not saying everyone who pays for discord nitro is a chump who fell for a scam but,

the reason discord wants to ban you for using betterdiscord is so they can put the betterdiscord features behind a paywall

@dotHTM they keep putting more and more pixels in smaller and smaller screens and now pixels don't mean anything anymore and that makes me mad!!!

maybe we should never have stopped making our websites out of table layouts

Me: I worked in a film photo lab in high school. It wasn't a golden age. It wasn't a great medium to use. It was expensive, bad for the environment and your health. The quality of the photos were limited by your budget. And no, film doesn't have "infinite resolution" because it's analog—the quality of the photo emulsion limits the clarity of the photo, so there's no reason to—

Phone makers: We put AI in your camera so it fills in the details with guesses!

Me: So to set up a dark room you need—

@fcktheworld587 i didn't realize how badly i had worded it, thanks for pointing it out

@fcktheworld587 hey if you're going to follow me at least please read the bio and know not to favourite my negative posts

it's the year of our lady 2023 and this chump is telling me how google chrome is good get a fucking life bucko and yank your head out of your ass

there is probably so much cool stuff on the web that is on like a weird port or something or http-only, and none of the search engines will touch it

re: plurality, mental health stigma 

@madewokherd this makes a lot of sense and i hope reminding ourselves of that will allow us to come out of our shell more

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